"Shrek: The Musical" Delights on All Levels

"Shrek: The Musical" Delights on All Levels

A donkey, an ogre,a princess, and more than 20 fairy tale characters take to a stage. While this might sound like the beginning of a joke, OES's recent All-School production of Shrek: The Musical took some serious work!

Longtime OES Performing Arts educator David Gomes led scores of colleagues and students in the effort to bring Shrek to life as its director. A dedicated tech crew, hardworking actors, and on-set musicians providing the production's orchestral element took this theater show well beyond green-faced creatures and ridiculous royalty.

We caught up with some of the many amazing Aardvarks who helped make this stunning visual and auditory experience a reality (although the Muffin Man was sadly unavailable for comment):

What made you want to be a part of Shrek?

Dana Lewis, OES World Languages educator ("Bishop"): "I had never been in a play before, and I've always been interested in exploring theater . . . but I just don't have time to attend all of the rehearsals! I happened to be in the right place at the right time since they cast several faculty members in the role of the Bishop. It was a perfect match!"

Tyler T. '25: "Ever since I was little, I've loved acting. In first grade I took acting classes and I loved them! Since I wasn't able to be in my class play, I thought [Shrek] would be amazing."

What was the rehearsal process like?

Julia M. '23 ("Sergeant" and Tech Helper): "Rehearsal was hard; everyone worked long nights (especially at the end), but it was very rewarding. I remember the first time the entire cast came together to rehearse and there was this amazing energy in the room that was so inspiring. As challenging as it was, I wish I could do it all over again."

Do you have a favorite line you delivered, song you sang, piece of music you placed, or scene you helped bring to life?

Bryan T. '18, Orchestra Percussion: "'When Words Fail.' Every time Shrek walked away dejectedly with a broken heart, my right hand covered MY sobbing heart when it should have been getting ready to play the bongos."

Nico J. '22 ("Pinocchio"): "One of my favorite lines I delivered was, 'Or the ones that say I'm a wooden boy! What?! I'm not a wooden boy [prosthetic nose extends]—uh, I have a glandular condition.'"

What was it like working with people from other OES Divisions and other parts of the school?

Josie C. '25 ("Teen Fiona"): "It was really fun! At first I was kind of scared, but I became good friends with some girls named Jillian, Brooke, and Ella. They were all really nice to me!"

Is there a fellow member of the Shrek team you'd like to recognize for a job well done?

Edward P. '18 ("Shrek"): "Noe J. ("Donkey") and Harper H. ("Fiona") both did a tremendous job. It was great fun working with them and I wish them luck in their future acting careers."

Nancy Teskey, Orchestra Director: "Huge thanks to the pit orchestra, and to David Gomes. I can't imagine not doing another musical with him, and I will sorely miss working with him next year!"

Andrew G. '20: "I'd like to personally thank our Stage Manager Cara S. '18. She poured her heart and soul into this production; this musical honestly could not have happened without the shocking amount of work she did."

(Photos by OES educator John Holloran.)