Primary Class Makes Math Fun Through Games

Primary Class Makes Math Fun Through Games

"A flower."

"A tree."


These were just a few of the responses from some of Mrs. O'Toole's primary class when asked what they were building with pattern blocks. Because this week, through the blocks, checkers, and dominoes, the primary students conducted math concept explorations.

Sitting in a small group, the students banded together in using the pattern blocks, even handing each other necessary pieces without being directly asked. The focus they brought to the exercise was palpable, evidenced by the look on Lucas G. '30's face in the photo above!

Nearby on the carpet, Mrs. O'Toole sat with three students playing dominoes. While the students encouraged each other and made suggestions about which dominoes to play on a turn, they also let their classmates work out the challenge of matching dots on their own.

Play in learning is extremely important at OES, and we know our students benefit from this approach. As Rose T. '30 put it in the midst of a dominoes turn, "You're doing math and you don't even know it!"


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