Middle Schoolers Build Community on Class Trips

Middle Schoolers Build Community on Class Trips

The middle schoolers had a great week with gorgeous weather and the opportunity to retreat to a beautiful setting off campus with their respective classes to build community.

Sixth Grade

The sixth graders traveled to B'nai B'rith camp on Devil's Lake, outside of Lincoln City. While there, they had plenty of fun participating in trust games, classroom sessions, and recreational activities like canoeing and swimming in the lake. Educator Charley Adams reported from the front lines, "[We looked] at concepts of dignity, respect, and our own cultural identities, all through the lens of mindful self-awareness . . . we are thrilled by the [students'] thoughtful questions and comments and feel fortunate to be able to spend quality time with such a positive and joyful group of students."

Seventh Grade

The seventh graders camped at Eco Park campground by Mt. St. Helens, where they learned about the mountain's eruption in 1980 and its subsequent and wondrous rebirth of flora and fauna. Their visit to the Johnston Ridge Observatory brought to life the challenges of restoration work in the watershed. They even ventured out to explore the Ape Caves and The Trail of Two Forests. This trip provided a unique community-building experience that offered a rare opportunity for students to cook, clean, and camp together for several days.

Eighth Grade

The eighth graders headed south to Aldersgate retreat center in Turner, Oregon. While there, they learned about relationships, sexuality, responsibility, communication, and working towards building a cohesive community for their class. While they did some thoughtful work, like brainstorming characteristics necessary for positive relationships, they also engaged in some silly fun, like human foosball!

Enjoy these pics from Lincoln City to Mt. St. Helen's to Turner, Oregon!


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