Sixth Graders Go For Science Gold in Metric Olympics

Sixth Graders Go For Science Gold in Metric Olympics

Every two years, the world watches in awe as competitors from around the globe gather for the Summer or Winter Olympic Games. From shot put to skiing and swimming, incredible athletic achievements abound.

But what about a competition where mental muscles are your main driving force?

Adventures of this nature were alive and well in Ms. Todis' and Mr. Rosenberg's sixth grade science classes this week during the Metric Olympics! "Let's get deep inside our mind palaces," urged Mr. Rosenberg as he put on the Olympics theme, "and think about how we can best accomplish this!"

Said showcase of students' ability to estimate and measure with both accuracy and precision using the metric system involved a series of excellent events. This included the Loofah Toss, the Marble Grab, and even a Discus Throw that involved some serious paper plate-throwing wrist action.

Emily B. '24 greatly impressed her peers with some killer estimation skills. For the Left-Handed Sponge Squeeze event, she was only two milliliters off from her guess as to how much liquid was soaked up by the sponge! When asked about her secret to success, she replied, "I remembered about how much our teacher got when he did it and used that to help me estimate."

Now that's a medal-winning set of scientific skills. Great job to all of the Olympians!


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