Author Kathryn Otoshi Talks Bravery and Beautiful Hands

Author Kathryn Otoshi Talks Bravery and Beautiful Hands

"I love this book!" whispered one kindergarten student to another as they sat on the carpet in our Lower School library. This excited member of the Class of 2030 was reacting to pages of Kathyrn Otoshi's book, One, appearing on a large screen at the front of the room.

An accomplished author and illustrator, Ms. Otoshi visited with all of OES's Lower School students throughout the day this past Tuesday. She shared not only her stories but also her thoughts on finding courage, being brave, standing up for others, and using our hands to help one another.

Otoshi kept the room of kindergarten and primary students completely engaged while she read One and another of her books entitled Zero aloud to the group. As the children followed her lead by making big zeroes with their arms and counting out numbers (up to 1,000,000!), they became engrossed in these tales of combating bullying and seeing value in each human being.

After the read-aloud was finished, Ms. Otoshi had everyone in the room (adults included!) stand up and make a promise. "I promise," they all chorused, "to do something kind for somebody else every day." She also worked with the students to make a "spirit bird" out of everyone's handprints to remind us that if we put our hands together, we can soar.

Thank you to Ms. Otoshi for spending time with our students and to OES Head Librarian Lara Ingham for making this special visit possible!


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