Fourth Graders Study Snow Science at Mazama Lodge

Fourth Graders Study Snow Science at Mazama Lodge

Last week the fourth-grade classes took an educational overnight trip to Mazama Lodge in Government Camp. The mission of the Mazamas is to inspire everyone to love and protect the mountains. The fourth graders conducted research investigations related to the surrounding environment.

The two-and-a-half-day trip was packed with both educational and recreational activities, mostly focused on conducting science investigations alongside instructors at the lodge. They explored many concepts, some of which included form and function in engineering, the movement of tectonic plates, formation of glaciers, and the importance of careful observation of the natural world around us. Some of the research questions they tackled included, "Why do snowshoes stay on top of the powder but regular boots sink?"

The six inches of fresh snowfall after their first night on the mountain made playtime in the snow extra fun! This time was spent building and playing in the snow, sledding down the hill, snowshoeing, and going on short hikes. Each day was wrapped up with a delicious dinner and campfire fun, where students created and performed skits, sang songs, and performed dances. There was also a secret Santa exchange with handcrafted gifts!

Here are some of the students' impressions of sledding and snowshoeing on the mountain:

"We sped down the hill. The wind was in my face and people were screaming and laughing; I didn't know how we would ever stop." Amélie L. '27

"The trees were as white as a cloud and they looked as if they had never been green. The fluffy snow under them seemed to be giant pillows stuffed with the softest feathers. It was amazing!" Cameron F. '27