Eighth Graders Kick Off E-Waste Campaign with Poster Passion

Eighth Graders Kick Off E-Waste Campaign with Poster Passion

Do you have a box of defunct electronics you've been meaning to recycle, but didn't know what to do with it? Take that box out of your closet and bring it to the Middle School office next week! OES is hosting its third annual e-waste drive October 9–18. The electronics will be delivered to Free Geek, where they will be responsibly recycled.

The United States produces more e-waste annually than any other country. Americans throw away 9.4 tons of electronics every year. Old television sets as well was CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors contain approximately 4–8 pounds of lead, a neurotoxin. This toxic substance can leach into the ground if it's improperly disposed.

The eighth graders used such compelling facts as these, and their artistic skills, as they created campaign posters to kick off the e-waste drive. Visit the Middle School to see their excellent work on the walls and learn more about electronic waste.

History Department Chair Stephanie Portman summarized their recent studies: "The eighth graders have been learning about electronic waste in their history classes. They have just completed an economy unit where they learned about production, consumption, travel, and the cultural impact of trade during 1500–1800. They started the unit examining the iPhone and ended it by talking about what happens to a phone once it is broken or unwanted. The drive is an effort to raise awareness about proper recycling and how much a global problem this waste has become."

We invite you to use your power for good with the eighth graders and bring your electronics in next week to be responsibly recycled!

Pictured: Jonathan S., Jonah S., and Kara G. (all '22) are all smiles when it comes to creating their campaign posters for next week's e-waste drive.

Here are some of the posters you will see around campus next week, all created by he eighth grade OESians.


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