Eighth Graders Dive into Inquiry "Project X"

Eighth Graders Dive into Inquiry "Project X"

Think back to when you were in eighth grade and consider the types of projects you were expected to complete. They likely involved writing, research, perhaps some art, and the occasional detailed lab report, to name but a few possibilities.

But did those experiences put you in touch with who you were, and who you hoped to be? Did they connect across disciplines such that one activity built upon another through a process of in-depth inquiry?

By June, the aim is for every current OES eighth grader to have had a completely comprehensive, integrated learning experience. Project X, as it is being called for now (until the students themselves name it!) is a new Aardvark academic endeavor. Last Thursday and Friday the Class of 2022 set out on this adventure together through a series of sessions involving everything from improv activities to the identification of leadership styles and even time spent on the OES Ropes Course!

As Winningstad Chair and Eighth Grade Inquiry Project Leader Anna Rozzi put it, "My hope [with the kickoff] was to support the students in a process of exploration and introspection—to coach them through a series of activities that would help them uncover their interests, inspirations, talents, and wonderings. All of these things will feed their learning and process during Project X."

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the school year as this exciting work progresses.


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