AASK-ing Questions in the Pursuit of Knowledge

AASK-ing Questions in the Pursuit of Knowledge

Each year one of OES's very special partnerships comes to life on campus: the relationship between the Beaverton School District and our institution. The vehicle for this epitome of connection amongst community members? The AASK (Aardvarks Advocate Skills and Knowledge) Summer Day Camp.

The 13-day experience brings together English language learners from Beaverton High School and college—as well as high school-aged counselors in a collaborative, supportive environment. In preparing for this year's camp, the organizers pondered a series of crucial questions about how to serve communities through design thinking, pursuing social-emotional growth for participants, and helping teachers shift their practices.

As Dori King, OES Director of Inclusion and Community Engagement, shared, "The results [of working with these questions] were stunning! Campers had the opportunity to use the Design for Change Framework: Feel, Imagine, Do, and Share. They examined social challenges and problems in their communities, including bullying, cyber addiction, and how to use art in the use of personal stories.

Other highlights of the summer included rising eighth graders attending extension classes experiencing everything from exploring UFOs to meeting animal friends, guest from NIKE joining us, and the pure joy of discoveries and great adventures!"


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