A Walking History of OES

A Walking History of OES

Oregon Episcopal School has almost 150 years (the sesquicentennial will be here before you know it!) of rich history. From the initial establishment of St. Helen's Hall to the initial move to Nicol Road and now even this year's opening of our Fariss Hall Maker Space/Design Center, the institution has many stories to tell.

But how do we ensure that this body of knowledge is passed on to current members of the OES community? Enter Visual & Performing Arts educator (and Residential House Head, meaning he lives on campus!) Peter Buonincontro, who has a wealth of information about our Aardvark past. On Monday afternoon Peter took Mrs. Griffin's third grade class on a walking tour of campus. The purpose of the exercise, explained Peter, was to "prime [the students'] brains about how to research history, and how to ask questions regarding what was here before."

Peter and the students could be seen traipsing around the woods, strolling down Vermont Street, and checking out the original St. Helen's Hall cornerstone right outside Morris House.

After their outdoor adventure, the students returned to their classrooms and wrote down questions sparked by the tour. These included:

  • "Why was OES founded here and not somewhere else?"
  • "Where did they get the redwood trees?
  • "How did they tame the river?"

The hidden history tour was both enjoyable and educational for these members of the Class of 2027. As Mina H. remarked, it was like "taking something old and making it new again."


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