A Song-Filled Spanish Lesson

A Song-Filled Spanish Lesson

Learning a new language isn't an easy task. Which is why the creative efforts of the OES World Languages educators should be widely celebrated! First graders in Alfredo Peche's Spanish class have been studying greetings, numbers, and the months of the year, and on Tuesday afternoon they got to practice each of these components in interactive ways.

Profesor ("Teacher" in Spanish) Peche began the lesson by bringing pairs of students to the front of the class. In these pairs a brief conversation ensued where they asked each other the simple but important questions of greetings, like "How are you?". Each exchange ended with an enthusiastic "Ciao!" and a wave.

Next the students worked on their numbers, speaking aloud in Spanish the words for every number from zero to 30. Profesor Peche encouraged the language learners to find patterns in the spans between 10 and 20 as well as between 20 and 30. The students did so with enthusiasm, making connections to the numbers between zero and nine.

Finally a colorful chart with all the months of the year was presented, and the whole class sang a song to help them remember the vocabulary words. Profesor Peche even asked the students what months their birthdays are in, and all present sang "Happy Birthday" a full 15 times to honor each child! (That's "quince" for those of you following along in Español.)

Well done first graders for singing your Spanish proudly!


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