Second Graders Delve into Design Thinking

Second Graders Delve into Design Thinking

How many ways can you transform a piece of paper? And what can you make using those strategies?

These questions spurred on our second graders as they dove into the world of design thinking on Monday. OES's new EC3 Design Center has a list of adjectives on the wall in one of the spaces. It includes words like "crumple,"fold," and "tear" to illustrate the methods one can use to help shape design thinking work.

Situated in groups, the students first individually worked with one piece of paper using a particular method. Even within the same groups there were a wide variety of items created; those tasked with "folding" made a paper airplane, a sailboat, and a geometric shape. After sharing their creations with the class, students transitioned into working together in order to build something collaboratively.

Keep on the lookout for more exciting work coming out of Fariss Hall in the future!


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