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Class of 2021 Motto Announced

The OES Class of 2021 released their class motto in a virtual gathering, addressing the adversity they've faced head-on and their love of Oregon with the motto, 'Trailbla21ng.'

"I think the motto reflects the certainly unique circumstances we find ourselves in," Student Body President Charlie H. '21 said. "We're the first class to jump into a school year fully virtually, and it's going to be our class that defines what it means to go through a year—or, hopefully, just part of it—online and take leadership of the student body. In essence, we're a class of trailblazers, symbolically leading the school through a tough challenge!"

The seniors created and decided upon the motto during orientation days in the first week of school. They broke into small groups, brainstormed ideas, and reflected on the meaning of the class motto while giving it some Class of 2021 flavor.

They took a vote and the decision was made: 'Trailbla21ng' was the class motto that would follow them through the 2020-21 school year.

"Setting a class theme is somewhat of a rite of passage for OES seniors," Charlie said. "Setting the tone for our class and, maybe even for the student body at large, really helps us step into the role of school leaders, and of course, it's just fun to do. I love that it's a tradition at OES and my class got to take part in it, even if we didn't get the traditional experience."

(Originally published in the Aardvark Newsletter)