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Profile on Teeona Wilson Mayberry '07
Profile on Teeona Wilson Mayberry '07

Teeona Wilson Mayberry '07 was kind enough to answer a few questions we posed to her. Thanks, Teeona!

What elements of your experience at OES did you take into your current career/project?

I graduated from University of Oregon in 2012 with a degree in Journalism and Communications. Immediately after, I started working at a staffing company, Aerotek, where I worked as a recruiter in our engineering division and then was promoted to work as a business development manager, building out the healthcare division for the Seattle metropolitan market. After 5 years at Aerotek, I quit to take some much needed time off. I've been working at Lyft since Dec. 2017 as a Sr. Technical Recruiter. I'm going to transition into an inclusion and diversity program manager role in the next few weeks. A lot of the work I've been doing here at Lyft has not only been focused on hiring diverse talent for our Lyft markets but also working internally to develop guides and processes to promote Black and Latin talent here as well.

How would you say OES helped you get to where you are?

Being one of few black students at OES was a tough transition personally and as a student. Because of the great relationships, I was able to build with my classmates, it made the transition even smoother. Also, through my teachers' investment in my education, I was able to receive the extra care I needed to keep up with the course load. I had never read intense novels or had to critically think about the plots and summaries and create reports especially for books like Homer or The Iliad. My work ethic continued to grow throughout my time at OES and it definitely prepared me for the college journey. College was no walk in the park especially being in the journalism department, but because of the study habits I picked up and not being afraid to ask for help, I was able to graduate and double major in PR and Advertising.

OES helped prepare me to have quality study habits and I learned how to go the extra mile to make sure I got what I needed in order to succeed. Going to OES helped me to not be afraid of asking for help just because I look different. I never wanted people to look at me like "I didn't belong," because I absolutely belonged at OES. Throughout my career, I've gotten more and more curious by diving more and more into the Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity space. I've learned that by being my most authentic self here at Lyft and back when I was at Aerotek, helped those around me to embrace folks who look different than themselves and encouraged more conversation. This has been especially important given the racial wars and conversations that have needed to be had today for many many years. Thankful for my journey bringing me here to this day!

What's your favorite part about doing what you do?

I would say my favorite thing about the work I do is not only working with some wonderful people but I love having the opportunity to build a diverse workplace that represents all the communities we serve!