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Welcome to Insights! Intentionally eclectic, Insights is a blog that lets teachers, administrators, and other OES thought leaders share some of their thinking on important areas of education. Insights is also designed to give members of the OES community a “sneak peek” into key conversations at the school. Our hope is to help you get to know some of our great leaders around the campus. We hope you enjoy it!

Dori King

By Dori King, Director of Inclusion and Community Engagement

As the Director of Inclusion and Community Engagement at OES, Dori's charge is to support students, employees, and parents in creating a school where all involved thrive.

Last spring, I started the hunt for a special book. A book that could be a mirror and a window for our community into the experiences of those who are marginalized. This book would be a cornerstone for our foundational understanding of human difference. It would be a catalyst for creating understanding of identity and lived experience.

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