Lower School Uniforms

The Aardvark Spirit Store also offers Lower School uniforms and can help you find the right sizes for your child(ren). Below is our suggested uniform supply for Lower Schoolers. 

There are two ways to order school uniforms:

  1. You can order online via Tommy Hilfiger (School # FPS-OREG01), Dennis Uniform (School # 54457), and/or Lands' End (School # 900046111).
  2. You can also purchase in-store by contacting Store Manager Dave Hillis at: schoolstore@oes.edu or by phone at 503-768-3170.
Used Uniforms Available

The Used Uniform closet (UU) is located in Room 10 (the green door) under Fariss Hall, and will be open from 7:45am-4pm M-F starting on 8/21. The UU has a selection of gently used uniforms that families have donated as they are outgrown -- all uniforms here are free for LS families!

We continue to take donations of outgrown uniforms. Any item with the OES logo can be returned here, as ones with stains will be upcycled into cloth rags (do not donate elsewhere). Any uniform items without the OES logo should be in good usable condition and free of rips, holes, and paint/marker stains before donating back to the school.

As you prepare your children’s clothing for school, please take the time to clearly label any clothing with your child’s first and last name. This applies to both OES and non-OES clothing, particularly outerwear (jackets, sweatshirts, etc). Personalized fabric labels that stay on after washing are highly recommended.

Polos, Short Sleeve $24 4-6
Polos, Long Sleeve $28 4-6
Sweatshirts, Crew $30 2-3
Sweatshirts, Hoodie $32 2-3
Full Zip Sweatshirts $36 2-3
Cardigans $45 1
Plaid Shorts $34 3-5
Skirts/Skorts, Solid Color $35 2-4
Skirts/Skorts, Plaid $47 2-4
Polo Dresses $33 1-3
A-Line Jumper Dresses $33 1-3
Jumper Dresses
(require polo underneath)
$48 1-3
Monkey Bar Layers, Shorts $18 5
Monkey Bar Layers, Leggings $24 5
Socks $7 5
Headbands & Bows $7 2-3
Rain Jackets $55 1-2
Fleece Jackets $45-$55 1-2
Order Online:

Tommy Hilfiger
School Number: FPS-OREG01

Dennis Uniform
School Number: 54457

Lands' End
School Number: 900046111


Click here for more information and guidance about uniforms.

Contact Dave Hillis
School Store Manager



Your student will need a set of clothing to leave in the classroom.

OES logos are required on all uniform shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and fleeces.