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Upper Schoolers 'De-Stressing' During Final Assessments

With Upper School students plowing through their final assessments of the semester, Upper School Counselor Erin Romano '01 and Learning Resource Coordinator Meghan Powers spent the week helping students to “de-stress."

Shark Tank in the Middle School

A faculty, staff, and administrator panel of judges put on their best “shark” impressions Tuesday for the OES Middle School’s third annual Shark Tank-like business presentations. Seventh-graders pitched their novel innovations to six OES "sharks" in front of a “live studio audience” of family, friends, and teachers to see if they could drum up "investors" for their projects.

First Graders with Upper School Buddies

One class of first-graders were paid a special visit on Thursday from their Upper School buddies who took a break from assessments to make the trip down to the Lower School. Anthony Villaseñor’s first-grade students paired with Stephanie Portman’s Global Social Movements class of juniors and seniors to learn how young people are making a difference in social issues like climate change.

Fifth Graders Perform Class-Created Play in EC3

Fifth-graders began a series of performances this week with the premiere of Strangers at the Door by Mary Duden’s class. Pre-K, kindergarten, and fourth-grade students, along with plenty of parents and teachers were present on Wednesday to watch the results of eight weeks of collaboration, preparation, and production.

Eighth Graders at Mid-Point for Inquiry Exploration

OES eighth-graders are in the research phase of their year-long Inquiry Exploration, a required Middle School course emphasizing student-driven learning, process over product, and a growth mindset.

OES Alums Share College Tips with Juniors and Seniors

Fresh from Winter Break, the Upper School welcomed back juniors and seniors with a college question-and-answer session. OES alums currently in college talked to students about how to make the most of their higher education experience and a variety of other topics.

Lower School Technology Classes Beloved by Students

Second graders were welcomed back to school this week by Lower School Technology Teacher Debra Hernanz who fitted each student with iPads and Chromebooks in an effort to brush up on the second graders’ Spanish-language learning.