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MS and US Chinese Classes Make Dumplings

Middle and Upper School students taking Chinese language classes honed their culinary curiosities this week by making traditional Chinese dumplings. The dumplings are key to celebrating the traditional Winter Solstice Festival—also called Dōngzhì.

Classical Guitarist Visits LS Library

The Lower School Library got a special visitor last week. Lower School Librarian Lora Lyn Worden teamed up with trained classical guitarist and OES Extension teacher Brandon Azbill for an interactive performance for third, fourth, and fifth-graders.

Musical Prowess on Display

Two musical concerts last week put hundreds of OES musicians on display in the Chapel. Both Middle and Upper Schoolers energized the audience with instrumental and vocal performances—the results of months of hard work and practice.

Mini Pizzas in Lower School Extension

Portland is known as a food cart mecca with hundreds of diverse carts throughout the city. So it's no wonder that Lower School Extension students were inspired to build and open their own food cart, unveiling this week a cardboard "pizza cart" in the after-school program. 

Internationally-Acclaimed Primatologist Visits Eighth Grade Science

Middle School Science Teacher Ethan Vedder’s students had a special visitor this week: a well-renowned primatologist with almost 40 years experience working to preserve critically endangered Rwandan mountain gorillas. Yep, it was Ethan's mom, Amy Vedder, Ph.D.! 

The Good Life Class in the Upper School

Led by Upper School Religion Teacher The Rev. Vijendran Sathyaraj, a class of juniors and seniors have been exploring what it means to define and discover a life of meaning versus a life of what we call “happiness.”