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Cycle of Inquiry at OES

Nothing can stop a Lower School student from asking questions. Not a pandemic, not zoom classes, not rainy weather. Across the Lower School, questions lead to more questions and the cycle of inquiry is born. Learn more about this OES educational philosophy in this enlightening video.

Middle School Drama...We Mean Theater!

Middle School acting is about learning how to tell stories, which is the foundation of acting. We focus on listening to our peers with intention when they are sharing their ideas, staying emotionally and physically present in our meetings, practicing creative problem solving, and making bold creative choices.

OES Athletics Resume

Athletic practices continued through the fall as students resumed the tennis, lacrosse, track and field, and golf practices that were called off in March due to the coronavirus. Fall sports like soccer and volleyball were revived as well. Middle Schoolers got in the action, too, with soccer, track & field, and more.

Upper School Poetry students showcasing their Poetic Art Project work.

Upper School poetry students—who typically showcase their Poetic Art projects in the lobby of the Upper School each November—have published their work digitally this year. The same writing exercises, the same learning, and the same creative and impressive results—just a new digital medium.

Sixth Grade Gift Boxes Help Students Explore Identity

What gifts or interests do you bring to our school community? Why are these gifts important to you? How do your gifts make our school a better place? These are the questions sixth graders are asking themselves with the goal of helping them identify the contributions they can make to our community, helping shape their identities in the process.