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Dennis Sullivan

Goodbye January.  Hello February.  

OES Ski Team Girls Varsity captured a 4th place finish:
3 Racers Contributing to the Team Result included:
Grace Armstrong – 3rd Place on first run, 3rd Place on the second run which earned 3rd Place individual podium finish.  Catherine Zhu – 8th place on first run and 6th place on the second run, which earned 6th Place individual finish.  Sydney Roth – 37th place on first run and 33rd place on second run which earned 31st Place individual finish.
Boys Varsity captured a 3rd place finish:
5 Racers Contributed to the Team Result included:
Hugh Shanno - 5th place first run, 2nd place second run which earned 2nd place individual podium finish. Alex Ugas - 1st place on first run dominating the field by 8 second lead.
Olin Gilster – 24th place on first run and 21st on second run, which earned 18th place individual finish. Ian Berquam - 23rd place on first run and 26th on second run, which earned 19th place individual finish.  Asa Brown – 25th on second run.

See comprehensive Season Race Results for all individuals at Metro Ski League web site: http://metroskileague.org/2020_results

The boys and girls varsity basketball teams dressed up last Friday.  Both teams would play 4 games in 7 days.

Girls Basketball:

Last Friday our basketball teams traveled to Catlin Gabel.  Catlin Gabel girls varsity have battled injuries all season long, but on Friday they had everyone back.  It was obvious this wasn’t the same team that was 0-5 in the league standings. After the first half it was OES 22 Catlin 18.  The girls kept the lead throughout the second half and won 37-28. The OES girls finished the first half of the season 5-1 and later learned that Horizon Christian had lost to PAA and the Aardvarks were now tied for 1st place in the Lewis and Clark League.  The girls would play Saturday and defeat De La Salle in a tough and gritty 37- 27 victory. This set up the rematch with Horizon Christian and the winner of this game would be #1 in the league standings. In December when we played at Horizon the game went to quadruple overtime and the girls lost.  They struggled offensively and had 37 fouls. This time the girls jumped out to a 23-0 lead. That is not a typo. They were dialed in. Wylly W was dominant on defense and Cayton S hit four of her first five three point attempts. Rachel H and Ava C dominated the blocks and the girls seized the moment.  Horizon would battle for the next three quarters, but OES would never feel threatened and won 33-20. On Thursday they wrapped up the week on the road at Portland Adventist Academy.  The girls jumped out to a 9-2 lead and never looked back.  They won 43-31. They are currently 1st in the L&C League.

Boys Basketball:

Coach Kirk addresses the team in the 4th quarter of the Horizon Christian game. pc Fitzhenry

Catlin packed the gym and their student section was outstanding on Friday night.  After the girls victory the OES boys took the court. Catlin jumped out to an early lead.  At the start of the fourth quarter OES trailed 32-27. Since I am a short guy and I couldn’t find a seat in the packed house, I crossed the court and sat opposite of the crowd.  It was the best seat in the house. I could look across and see both school communities cheering loudly. If I looked directly to my left I could see both teams’ benches focused on supporting their teams on the floor.  Each student-athlete who was on the court was focused on giving 100 percent to help his team. The Aardvarks were playing their tough defense, but Catlin was shutting them down also. Halfway through the quarter, behind the aggressive play of Luca P, Ryan M and Charles W, OES went on a run and with only 2:34 left in the game OES took the lead for the first time 39-35.  The Aardvarks would close out the game and earn a huge league win on the road. They would drop the next won against De La Salle North which set up a classic trap game against Horizon Christian. Although Horizon was last in league standings, they are extremely well coached. They often suffered tough lapses and that would create a lead that they couldn’t overcome.  On Tuesday they didn’t have that lapse. OES played well, but Horizon went toe to toe with the Aardvarks. The score was tied 36-36 with 18.6 seconds left. OES had the ball. Charles W took a shot, but it bounced off the rim. Sophomore Luke M gathered the rebound and dribbled into the lane. He had a shot, but unselfishly he kicked it out to senior Ryan M, who had just tied the game on a jumper.  Ryan caught the ball and drained the shot. Horizon had a last second heave which fell short and OES won 39-36.  On Thursday the boys trailed PAA until the fourth quarter.  With 2:32 left in the game they finalyl took a 1 point lead: 51-50.  Again this squad showed their poise and maturity and grinded out another league win 60-52.  

Monshi wins the game! pc Fitzhenry

It has been a tough year for Catlin Gabel.  Everything that they are going through is well documented in the newspapersHowever, last Friday when the focus was on competition between our schools, they demonstrated what they strive to be.  At halftime of the boys game they held a fundraiser to support Nabila Mazouzz Memorial Fund. Head of School Tim Bazemore and Assistant Head of School Barbara Ostos shot foul shots in front of the packed house.   Each made shot raised money for the fund. It was fun, whimsical, and more importantly it demonstrated to everyone how both schools are connected. During this difficult time Catlin Gabel continues to model their core values. 

Difficult times reveal who we are, and what is really important.  It is easy to get lost in the moment and forget about what we all are striving for: use our power for good.

Thank you

Athletic Director Missy Smith, Athletic Trainer Joel Gray and US Head of School Asha Appel accept a portable AED from the David Heller Foundation at Tuesday night's basketball game against Horizon Christian. pc: Mitch Forness

OES recently received a portable AED by the David Heller Foundation.

Thank you to the David Heller Foundation which was established in 2006 after the death of David Heller who was 17 and a junior at Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon at the time of his death in November of 2005. He had played in a basketball game the night before he died. He died in his sleep of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart), the most common cause of sudden death in athletes. He had been cleared to play sports 3 weeks before he died and had no known heart condition.

The foundation was created in his name to promote the importance of cardiac screening in teen athletes. The foundation also works to identify schools in need of a portable AED that can be on the bus, on the field or wherever you have athletes and fans. The foundation has distributed over 190 AEDs and will distribute another 50 in 2020.

OES is grateful to the David Heller Foundation and inspired by their mission.