September 16, 2016

Lower and Middle Schoolers Drop Everything to Read Together

Friday morning the Lower School was both lively and quiet as 207 Middle Schoolers teamed up with Lower School students to Drop Everything and Read, also known as DEAR! 

In the beautiful new Lower School library, K-8 students silently read for and with each other. From enjoying Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian to reading The Hobbit (on a Kindle!) the young scholars immersed themselves in pages upon pages of adventures.

Downstairs on the first floor of the Lower School, Middle School teachers and students alike could be found reading to our youngest OESians. Tucked away under a staircase along with Barrett L. '23 were brothers Ryan M. '29 and Sean M. '23 reading King Elk. As Barrett and Sean took turns reading the story aloud, Ryan wove in questions about the book and its characters. "But what about that?" he said, pointing to the corner of a page. "Ooh, that's an owl!" Barrett replied.

What an enDEARing way to start Friday morning, don't you think?

Upper School Students Walk to End Slavery

What did you do with your spare time last weekend? Several of our Upper School students devoted their Saturdays to participate in the annual "Walk to End Slavery," an event put on by Youth Ending Slavery (YES) that calls attention to the serious issues of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

This isn't the first time Arianna R. and Lexy T. (both '17) have stood up for this cause. "[We] started the OES chapter of Youth Ending Slavery last year," Arianna explains. "We've held awareness events at volleyball games, movie screenings, and blue-outs."

Members of the JV and Varsity volleyball teams joined Arianna and Lexy at the walk, including Belle S. '17, Lianna S. '17, Maddy B. '20, Isabele R. '18, Noe J. '19, and Tammy T. '18 (all pictured above).

French Educator Shares Her Translation Talents With Pro Soccer Team

Imagine: You're an international soccer player brand new to both Oregon and the United States. You don't speak much English, but the local community wants to learn all about you. What do you do?

This past summer, OES French teacher Jaime O'Dell was tapped as the solution to this challenge. Amandine Henry, a new midfielder for the Portland Thorns FC women's soccer team, is a French national and needed someone to intepret for her at a press conference. The Thorns organization asked Jaime if she could assist Amandine, and Jaime happily accepted. 

"As a French speaker, it was one of the coolest things I've done," Jaime shares. Check out a video of the full press conference from The Oregonian here

Combien impressionant, Jaime! (How awesome!)

Third Graders Explore Self, Subtraction, and (Learning) Styles

All of OES' third grade students were hard at work Monday morning exploring some of the most important things in the world--their learning styles! Through a series of different components combined into one piece of visual art, the students set about showing the ways in which they learn their best.

After creating backdrops that gave insight into whether they work better in groups or individually, the third graders each crafted paper figures (painted in their skin tones) to place on those backdrops. Finally, they used the art pieces to indicate how they understand the kind of thinking employed when solving math problems.

This integrated lesson gave students of all thinking and learning styles the ability to showcase their own unique set of talents. 

Dorm Community Celebrates Moon Festival

On Thursday, September 15, the OES Dorm Community celebrated Moon Festival by feasting on mooncakes and Pocky Sticks under the light of the Harvest Moon. This year's 56 boarding students and seven dorm parents have connections to 12 different countries--and have enjoyed their first two weeks of living with one another.

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Homecoming is just two weeks away! RSVP HERE by September 23 for all of the awesome Aardvark fun. 

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Monday morning's Senior Entrance was a lively event enjoyed by all who gathered around The Circle to watch.


 The Class of 2017's theme is "Olympia17s," so be on the lookout for heroics of all kinds in the year to come!

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Head of School Mo Copeland presents "The History of OES" to all of our third graders. #OnlyAtOES #OESIsAlwaysOpen


Hats off to our Middle School Aardvark athletes, who had some stellar performances this week!

Highlights included the MS Girls' Cross Country team winning the OES Invitational (above) and the MS Green Boys' Soccer Team (below) securing a big victory over defending league champs Tualatin Valley. #govarks


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