February 24, 2017

Art Meets Academics for Upper School French Students


On Sunday, Katrina Perry's Upper School French Literature and Culture Class enjoyed a visit to the Portland Art Museum on Sunday to experience some of Auguste Rodin's sculpture work.

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Patricia Polacco Gives LS Community the Gift of Stories 


"We all have gifts," insisted author and illustrator Patricia Polacco to Lower School students on Thursday. "We just unwrap them at different times."

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Middle Schoolers Craft Crepes in Class


What do you suppose a middle schooler's favorite holiday is? Thanksgiving? Halloween? Well, after this week Jaime O'Dell's French students might have a tougher time choosing.

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Photos of the Week 


Enjoy your slideshow of photos from around campus this week! 

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Calling all sport stackers! On March 4, OES will host the NW Regional/OR State Sport Stacking Championship. This is the only tournament on the West Coast in 2017 where stackers can qualify for the Junior Olympics.


Register today!

Only THREE days left to RSVP for the super bodacious OES '80s auction! Purchase tickets, volunteer, or donate HERE.

Animal Farm, the musical? With OES' versatile Music, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts Departments, anything is possible.


Please join us next week, March 1-4, for a production of this striking show. Some material may not be suitable for fourth graders and under.


Secure your seat HERE!

On Twitter:

Recently 13 Upper School students participated in the @maanow American Mathematics Competition! Stay tuned for results.

NOTE: The Upper School Aardvark Science Expo Awards are happening tonight, so be sure to check out OES social media channels and next week's Aardvark for all the details!


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