Professional Growth & Development

To achieve our culture of lifelong learning, OES provides all employees with extensive Professional Growth and Development opportunities. From attending seminars to speaking at workshops to continuing education, funds are readily available to support professional growth. If you want to stretch yourself, we are here to help!

For faculty, Professional Growth and Development is based on two additional pillars:

  • Annual Participation in the Learning and Teaching Process: Educators (defined broadly here as all members of our school community) teach because we love to learn. By teaching and learning from each other, we model for students' authentic learning, intentional improvement, and consistent innovation. We also recognize and appreciate each other’s strengths and contributions, and reinforce that collaboration and professional growth and development are at the heart of all that we do at OES. The Learning and Teaching Process uses the Essential Competencies (ECs) and OES Inquiry Cycle and the Learning Tree to guide teachers annually through a process of goal setting, collaboration, reflection, and feedback.
  • Opportunities for Renewal and Innovation: Faculty who have been employed at OES for 12 consecutive years and who have taught or been directly involved in our academic program at a .75 FTE level or above for at least eight of those 12 years are eligible to apply for a school Renewal Grant of $5,000. Faculty can, with the approval of their Division Head/Supervisor, miss up to two weeks of school as part of their grant. Beginning in 2021–22 teachers and employees working in the academic program who have been employed with us for at least two years and who have taught or been directly involved in the academic or program at a .75 FTE level will be eligible to apply for a school Innovation Grant, up to $2,500. Innovation grants are used primarily when school is not in session and are for reimbursement of project-related expenses.