Backyard Exchange Program

The OES Residential Program extends the opportunity to all OES day students to spend up to two weeks in the dorm at no charge. The Backyard Exchange (BYE) is designed to promote and improve the relationships between boarding and day students, and their families. We hope that solid friendships are formed, and that at times you and your family will open your homes to our students in kind.

Visiting students are asked to follow the daily schedule of our boarding students, including study hall, family dinner, dorm meetings, and weekend activities. While we would like to honor as many requests as possible, our limited space and schedule may not allow us to accommodate all requests.

If you are interested in this program, have questions, or have special requests for your student, please contact the BYE Coordinator Peter Buonincontro.

The Comforts of Home

Linens, pillows, and towels are provided by the dorms, though students are welcome to bring their own linens, as well as other comforts of home such as: toiletries, music, books, tea, and snacks. Students will receive their dorm keys upon arrival, as well as instructions regarding the dorm schedule, expectations, and up-coming events.

If your student has other commitments off campus, we ask that you provide a schedule and parameters of these obligations, as well as means for transportation. While the dorm staff will make themselves available to all students, we cannot fulfill all driving requests.

Please let us know if your student has special dietary needs or seasonal or food allergies, as well as provide a detailed outline for any medications your student may require. We ask that all medications and car keys be given to the dorm parent on duty. They will be kept safely locked in the dorm office.

We hope to provide a comfortable and rewarding time for your student, and hope that they come away from their time with us with good memories and strong friendships.

Holiday Break Buddy Families

The dorms are closed over Thanksgiving, winter, and spring vacations. Some of our international students are not able to make the trip home for every vacation, so those without a local guardian or relative are in need of an OES Host Family. While the majority of our Buddy Families are from the Upper School, we also appreciate OES families from the Lower and Middle Schools who open up their homes during the school holidays when the dorms are closed.

You are welcome to become a Buddy Family at whatever level of commitment is comfortable for you and your family. If you are interested in the Buddy Family Program or have further questions, please contact Peter Buonincontro.