A Global Community

The boarding community is a closely- knit family of students and “dorm parents." Students arrive at OES from across the United States and around the world, each offering their unique culture and perspectives. Through communication, support, and understanding, dorm parents help students realize the value of living in a diverse community.

Lifelong friendships

Students will share a great part of their formative years here. Our small size allows for the formation of lifelong friendships with fellow “dormies” and with day students. Through weekend activities open to all students, the Backyard Exchange Program, and the annual Retreat of Fun, friendships are formed and students grow in their global competence.

Community Night

Once a week, the community gathers for a “family dinner," where students sit in family groups. Dinner is an opportunity for boarding students and dorm parents to connect through thoughtful conversations. Following family dinner is a dorm student gathering, where announcements and celebrations are shared, and inclusive games are played.

Dorm Community