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2022 Homecoming!

Homecoming!  Holy cow it is the last day of September and we are going to celebrate by throwing the largest party we can host on campus.  There is nothing better than a K-12 party because a K-12 party doesn't stop.  Things kick off in the AM with all divisions rocking their spirit wear.  Granted the Lower School uniform has to suffice for our youngest division.  The Middle Schoolers and the Upper Schoolers will be wearing their OES gear.  At 2:45pm Community Board hosts a pep rally in the Athletic Center.  Relay races, fun skits and a lot of cheering will get everyone fired up for a 4:00pm soccer match between OES Boys Varsity Soccer and Catlin Gabel.  At 4:30pm JV girls volleyball will get things rolling inside.  6:00PM the Girls Varsity Soccer team will face Catlin Gabel, and at 6:30PM OES Varsity Volleyball face the Eagles in a critical league match.  There will be face painting, there will be music, there will be food carts, and most importantly, there will be a lot of people on campus catching up and enjoying being a part of a great community.  Thank you to our US student leaders for running a great Spirit Week.  Adam Sandler Day was hilarious, almost as fun as Anything But a Backpack Day.  I am so excited to see parents who haven't been on campus in a while, especially alumni parents.  I love hearing how our Aardvarks are doing in college and beyond.  Don't miss this opportunity to come out and have some fun.


El Presidente and his luggage on Anything But a Backpack Day

Sydney with her Home Depot Bucket

Tom and whatever this thing is

Leadership leading on Adam Sandler Day


Even Aardy enjoyed Adam Sandler Day

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A Day of Endings and Beginnings

On June 2 we honored 12 senior athletes at our US gathering in the athletic center. These athletes were celebrated as they signed their letter of intent to play a sport that they love and have made so many lasting memories participating in along the way. It was a monumental moment to see these athletes recognized in front of their peers with their families present.

State Championships Are Anything But Ordinary

This is the time of year when I get to catch my breath and reflect on the success stories of the spring sports season. As a spring coach, I often get wrapped up in my own team and don’t alway realize everything special that is happening around me. With all the success OES has had in athletics, I am often amused to see the way in which OES takes for granted state titles.