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Virtual Choir

Greetings, singing OES alumni!

I teach music at OES and have done since 1995. I have many fond memories of those of you I had the pleasure to teach, work with on shows, advise, or live with in the dorms. I hope you are all happy and healthy in these uncertain times

I am launching a special project to ring out the school year and I’d love YOUR help! As you may know, OES has been engaged in remote learning since before Spring Break. Aside from missing the daily contact with my beloved students and colleagues, it has made certain aspects of music-making particularly challenging.  So in an effort to bring people together through music while we are apart, I’ve worked with my students to create "Virtual Choir" performances.

You may have seen something like this  before.  Basically, individuals submit a video of themselves singing to a reference recording which is then assembled into a coordinated "performance" of the piece. Here is an example of one I created a few weeks ago with some of my current Upper School singers.

If you sang with my choir any time after 2006, you may remember singing a song from the Broadway version of The Lion King titled "They Live in You." Singing this song has become a tradition at the end-of-year celebration in the US known as "Fine Arts Night," and we always invite any attending alumni up on the risers to sing with us.

In keeping with that spirit, we are embarking on a virtual choir performance of this song, and I am extending an open invitation to ANY alum who would like be part of this project.  We would love to have you submit a video and join my current choir students as we keep our traditions alive in spite of these challenging times. 

If you simply don't have the bandwidth to do so - that's OK!  If you do, my hope is that this can be a way for people to feel connected during a time when many of us find ourselves apart. 

If you are interested, please read below for the details.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or trouble with the process. My OES email is: steelea@oes.edu.

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing the final product!

Adam Steele


There are practice tracks available for each voice part (Sop1, Sop2, Alto1, Alto2, Tenor, Bass1, and Bass2), as well as a PDF of the sheet music located in this folder. Use these recordings to practice your part. If you sing Soprano, Alto or Bass, just choose which part you want to do. When you are ready use either the practice track or the full performance track located in the same folder to make a video of yourself singing your part!

For reference, you can hear the 2007 performance on the OES Music CD from that year, called "Episcappella", located here


Please follow these carefully.

1.    When recording, please be aware of any ambient noise that may be heard on your recording.   You will want to find a quiet spot for filming so that we can hear you and not your neighbor's lawnmower!

2.    Plan to sing the entire song, no partials, please.

3.    Use one of the practice or full performance tracks in your headphones to perform your part while recording your video.  This will ensure that everyone is at the same tempo and in the same key.  The initial beep on the track is the key the song is in.  This is followed by two pitches for soprano and alto and then a few seconds later the beeps for the tenor and bass notes.

4.    This step is very important. Start your video recording first (using a laptop, phone, etc. - feel free to say hi to me at this point!), then start the playback of the practice track you want to use WITHOUT your headphones plugged in yet. It is essential that I hear the initial BEEP at the very beginning of the track in order to sync up the videos. After the initial beep sound, quickly plug in your headphones to sing along. In other words, I don't want the practice track to be heard on your recording, except for the first second or two - enough time to hear the very first beep).

5.    Do as many takes as you need to and send me your best one - let me see the joy!


Save your video file by naming it with your first and last name, voice part and OES graduation year (e.g. Adam Steele.Bass2.2020) and then share it with my by choosing whichever of the following options that works best for you.

1.    Drop your video into your Google Drive, Dropbox or any other Cloud storage service and share it with me, ensuring that I have permission to download it.

2.    Drop the video in this shared folder  -


***Please be aware that in order to allow you to add files, I made you all "Editors" in that folder, so be careful and don't accidentally erase anything please!***

3.    You can use this FlipGrid link to record your song -  https://flipgrid.com/6152ddbd  

A Microsoft or Google account is required to record.  


Please submit your videos by Wednesday, May 27. It is my goal to complete the project before the end of the school year in early June.


Thank you!


Alumni Team

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Sara Berglund

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