Alumni Class Representatives

Alumni Class Representatives are at the heart of the OES alumni community. As graduates of St. Helen's Hall, Bishop Dagwell Hall, and Oregon Episcopal School, they serve as social liaisons between their classmates and OES, helping further the connection with the school and each other after graduation.

Class Representatives are asked to serve one-year terms, with the option of renewing those terms indefinitely upon the mutual agreement of the alumna/us volunteer, the Alumni Office, and the Alumni Council.

To volunteer as a Class Rep, contact the Alumni Office at

Current Class Reps


2018 Julia Hapke, Jack Morningstar, Anna Sipowicz

2017 Daniel Ewnetu, Belle Scott, Lexy Tracy

2016 Steven Cockey, Mark Fernandez, Grace Helen McGee, Naomi Zhao

2015 Nut Cheepsongsuk, Yunnie Lim, Meredith Loy, Gabe Smith-Rodgers

2014 Abbie Daigle, Harper Hayes

2013 Anna Blake, Patrick M. King, Hannah Tooley

2012 Nicole Inskeep, Abigail Therrow, Aashna Tiruvallur

2011 Austin Page, Laurie Rumker, Anshu Tirumali, Austen Yeager

2010 Annelise Friar, Harris Inskeep-Rosenfeld, Leah Metcalf


2009 Maddie Duthie Apple, Brady Haugh, Charlotte Lee Wahle

2008 Christopher Chapman, Natasha Michalowsky

2007 Elizabeth Cooper, Lauren Eyler, Anne Reeves

2006 Jennifer Wolochow

2005 Molly Black, Tiiu Magi, Bill Thanhouser

2004 Kirsten Midura

2003 Ashley Morganstern

2002 Lori Lopez

2001 Margot Feves

2000 Amy Spiker


1999 Callie Souther Schulman

1998 Amy Jacobsen

1997 Jonathan Kowolik

1996 OPEN

1995 Kelly Rossi

1994 Eric Gebbie

1993 OPEN

1992 Courtney Brown

1992 Tara Witt

1991 OPEN

1990 Kathryn Rebagliati


1989 Daniela Brod

1988 Brinton Clark

1987 Theresa Webster

1986 Elizabeth Highet

1985 OPEN

1984 Scott Doenecke

1983 OPEN

1982 OPEN

1981 OPEN

1980 Carrie Loar Cool


1970 Toni Webb (BDH OPEN)

1971 OPEN (BDH and SHH)

1972 OPEN

1973 OPEN

1974 OPEN

1975 OPEN

1976 Jyrki Koskinen

1977 Neena Nuhring

1978 Allison Roberts

1979 Katharine Sammons


1969 OPEN (BDH and SHH)

1968 OPEN

1967 OPEN

1966 Katherine Karafotias

1965 Ellen Wheeler Guest

1964 Julie Krause Harriman

1963 Joanne Dobson

1962 OPEN

1961 OPEN

1960 Judy Carson Kauffman, Julie Mack Penge


1959 OPEN

1958 OPEN

1957 OPEN

1956 Nancy Brasmer