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Aardvarks FOUR the Win: Girls' Varsity Soccer Succeeds at State
Aardvarks FOUR the Win: Girls' Varsity Soccer Succeeds at State

"Let the OES soccer community start debating it now," asserted our Athletic Director Dennis Sullivan in a recent blog post, "but I am declaring this the best soccer team in the school's history."

It would be difficult, though, to argue anything to the contrary after the girls' varsity soccer team won the state championship against Catlin Gabel last Saturday night! For the fourth season in a row, the Aardvarks triumphed to take top honors in the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA)'s 3A/2A/1A Classification.

The game against Catlin brought a great deal of anticipation. As Sullivan wrote, "Before the match everyone wearing OES colors talked about how difficult it would be to beat the same team three times in one season. True. But we have never had a team with so much depth and such great senior leadership."

We caught up with Ruby A. '18, one of the four senior team leaders to ask about the Aardvarks' 5–1 win and her OES soccer career. (Responses have been edited for length.)

Do you have any favorite moments from this season? How about the championship game?

Some of my favorite moments have been in the team room before games. We usually listen to music and hang out as a way to relieve stress and nerves.

A favorite moment from the championship game was after the final whistle blew when we charged off the bench and went to storm our goalie. There was a crazy amount of pride in that huddle, and I was honored to be a part of it.

Do you feel like being on the team has helped you in other areas of life and school?

Being on the soccer team has been one of my most memorable parts of high school. I've made my best friends on the team, and it also helps me stay organized and efficient. The team has also taught me very valuable aspects of leadership and teamwork that have been and will continue to be applicable to many other parts of my life.

As a senior, what would you say to the rest of the team after this great season?

To the younger players: take care of this team and keep the dynasty intact. To the players of the class of 2015 that built this program to foster joy and success: your friendship and leadership were invaluable. We tried our best to keep your spirit ingrained into the Women's soccer program.

And finally, to Haley, Annika, and Megan [fellow members of the Class of 2018]: it's been an honor to play with each of you. The four years we had together on this team were beyond what I ever imagined high school sports could be—I'll miss it and you more than you know.

Congratulations to all of the team members for bringing home another championship! #GoVarks

(Photo Credits: Ken Rumbaugh)

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