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Class of 2019 Makes "Big Moves" Towards Bright Future
Class of 2019 Makes "Big Moves" Towards Bright Future

As Head of Upper School Asha Appel spoke about OES's Class of 2019 at yesterday's Awards Assembly, a few themes became apparent. Hard work, accountability, and acceptance were just a few of those themes Appel proclaimed in front of the graduating seniors.

"This year's senior class is a class full of individuals who are true to themselves," Appel said. "They are brave, dynamic, forthright, and tenacious."

The Class of 2019 will be remembered as spirited, active, and resilient. They are athletes, artists, playwrights, directors, intellectuals, scientists, and social justice warriors.

"This year's senior class is a mosaic," Appel said. "Alone, each part of a mosaic is lovely and distinct, but when the pieces come together, a completed mosaic reveals something extraordinary."

Appel continued on about how much the class has progressed since stepping into the Upper School as freshmen nearly four years ago.

"Evolution is only possible through collaboration and connectivity. And evolution is what leads to Big Moves," Appel said. "Thank you, Class of 2019, for being a class that inspires the future."

As our newest OES Alumni, these seniors will move forward to a bright future full of further learning, exciting life experiences, and continued use of their "Power for Good."

"What is even more remarkable about this special class is the way they accept and honor each other's truths—they make room for others to shine, they respect the unique gifts and passions of their peers, they recognize and celebrate the multitudes each contain," Appel said.

Congratulations, Seniors! Thank you to you, your families, and everyone who made this class so special!