Hall of Fame Nominations

We welcome all nominations. Nominations for the OES Athletic Hall of Fame must be received by September 30, 2024.

Nominations may be submitted online by any interested person. All nominations must fit the criteria of one of the four categories below. **Athletes are not eligible to be inducted until 10 years after graduation, however please submit nominations and they will remain in the nomination pool.

If assistance is needed in compiling information about a nominee’s career, please contact the OES Alumni Office at alumni@oes.edu before the nomination is submitted. We are happy to help.


One form submission per category is allowed for each nominee. All nominations will be reviewed and voted on by our Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.

*Please note: self-nominations will not be accepted.

Select a category to see further questions.
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Must be a graduate of SHH, BDH, and/or OES before 2016.
Must have served at least 5 years or more as coach at SHH, BDH, and/or OES.
Must have exhibited dedication and loyalty to high school athletics at OES, BDH, and/or SHH.
Must have accomplished high ranking or placing in league and state competition prior to 2016.
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Questions: Sara Berglund, Director of Alumni Relations, berglunds@oes.edu, 503-416-9369

Nomination Category Criteria