Athletic Hall of Fame Program

Our Emcees for the Evening - Mark Pilkenton & Molly Nakayama '90

We warmly welcome Mark Pilkenton and Molly Nakayama as our two emcees tonight.

Molly Nakayama was born in Portland and attended University of Portland on a soccer scholarship after graduating from OES. She lived abroad playing soccer in Japan and Germany. After 20 years abroad, Molly came home to Portland to raise her two sons Porter and Katsumi. She has spent her career working in business development. Molly is currently working in the dental industry. Molly was inducted in to the inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame last year.

Mark Pilkenton and his wife, Eileen, have one son, Nathan, a “lifer” at OES who graduated in 2011. Born and raised in Eugene, Mark started his career in television news before starting the Film & Video department at Nike in 1980. He continued to work at Nike in various capacities, including Event Marketing, Brand Design, and Brand Marketing, before leaving Nike and (semi) retiring a few years ago. They are honored to be a part of tonight’s festivities.

Time event
5:50 p.m. Check-in opens
6:00 p.m.

Reception begins downstairs, guests can find their tables

6:40 p.m.

Guests to the dinner buffet for service, begin dinner

7:00 p.m. Program Begins 

Upper School Chaplain The Rev. VJ Sathyaraj offers a blessing for the evening


The Rev. Michael Spencer, Head of School

  Opening Remarks
Introduction by our emcees for the evening, Mark Pilkenton & Molly Nakayama ’90
  First Inductee: Nick Peachy, '68, Bishop Dagwell Hall
Athlete | Wrestling, Soccer
  Second Inductee: 1993 Girls Soccer Team
Presented by Kris Van Hacher '70, Coach and Quin Porter, Assistant Coach

Third Inductee: Coach John V. Hicks
Coach | 1967-1976
Presented by Brent Erensel '74
Accepting Award: Barbara Hicks

  Fourth Inductee: Omer Inan ‘99
Athlete | Track & Field, Basketball
Presented by Joel Gray, Retired OES Coach and Athletic Trainer
  Dennis Sullivan, OES Athletic Director and Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach
  Fifth Inductee: Jim Rear, '67, Bishop Dagwell Hall
Presented by George Critchlow '67 and Bill Marshall '67
Accepting Award: Marilyn Rear

Sixth Inductee: Seth Kelsey '99
Athlete | Fencing
Presented by Cathy Zagunis, Oregon Fencing Alliance

  Seventh Inductee: Tucker Pierson
Coach | Lacrosse
Presented by Sarah Grenert-Funk, OES Head of Upper School
  Eighth Inductee: 2012  Girls State tennis Team
Presented by Coleen Davis, Coach
  Ninth Inductee: Chrissy Kirkmire Mazzola ‘86
Athlete | Tennis
Presented by Gary Crossman, Retired OES Faculy & Coach

Closing Remarks
Emcee Mark Pilkenton

A special thank you to Capers Café and Catering for their wonderful catering services.