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Meredith Bozentka '14

Meredith Bozentka '14 and Michele Molteni welcomed a son, Renato, on May 10, 2024. He was born at 8 lbs and 21 inches long.

Brandon Longaker ’88

I retired early three years ago after a full career with the federal government. My wife and I relocated to the Knoxville, Tennessee area, where I enjoy my “retirement gig” as a state game warden. I also got roped into a local county sheriff reserve position diving on the county’s dive recovery team. If any of you find yourselves in the area, I’d love to offer you some of the local southern hospitality.

Lauren Haskins Eshuis ’03

I welcomed a baby girl, Emmy Mae, in Sept 2023. In my free time, I sing with the Oregon Repertory Singers alongside my mom, former OES choir teacher Jeri Haskins, and The Reverend VJ Sathyaraj! I will serve as choir president starting this summer. We released our 50th season album this fall and made it to #5 on the Billboard Classical Charts.

Eric Gebbie ’94

Well classmates, 2024 is our 30 year reunion and we should get together. Help plan it or let me know if or how you could join us. Contact me via the Alumni Relations Office at|

Between planning reunions every twenty years, I'm in Portland with three kids and serving as Director of Emergency Operations at the Oregon Health Authority. I get to teach a regular course each summer for UC Berkeley.

Carolyn Van Winkle Shannon '60

Recently I retired from serving as deacon for 31 years at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Las Vegas. Being ordained as deacon to serve our Lord was an honor I’ll not ever forget. Since the diaconate emphasizes service, I’ll still be able to do my ministry in outreach in a different capacity.

I now live in a four-bedroom home. I’m looking to downsize to something more reasonable for an 82-year old woman who’s healthy and independent. I just don't need that size of home.

Bill Thanhouser '05

I live in the Bay Area with my wife, Kristine, and our two kids, Armen and Anne. I'm currently a product manager at a software company called Asana. Life is good and I cherish my many years at OES. Best wishes to all my former classmates and teachers!

Erin Romano '01

This year much of the class of 2001 turned 40! Celebrating Erin’s 40th this past summer were OES classmates David Westlund, Margot Pearmine, Sarah King, Ashley Clark, and James Drinkward.

Holly Flack '05

I’m exceptionally excited to be making my debut at the Wiener Staatsoper in Vienna, Austria, one of the world’s most beautiful and prestigious opera houses! I will perform the role of Mollie the Horse in the opera “Animal Farm” by Alexander Raskatov, a role I originated last year in the world premiere at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam. I am continually honored to be part of this incredible experience and to tell this story with my remarkable colleagues on stages all over the world!

Autumn Alexander Skeen ’74

The Fort Walla Walla Museum hired me to be its communications manager, pulling me out of my freelance journalism for the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. The Fort is a wonderful milieu of pioneer and military history, starting in the 1850s up through today’s 360 degree appreciation for inner-Northwest history. Open seven days a week, a tour through seven galleries and a genuine pioneer village adds value to any wine country visit. I will welcome any OES visitors myself! Please contact me through the OES Alumni Office.

Aki Suzuki Nagahama ’92

My son is six years old now (in first grade) and Kazuyas sons are in junior high and high school.

This photo is taken at my home town, Zushi City, one hour from Tokyo, where we can see beautiful Mt. Fuji over the beach. I live in Ebisu near the Westin Hotel Tokyo and am a full-time mom at this moment. I used to work for Shosha before marriage. I am busy as a PTA class committee member and also helping with the soccer team at school (my son plays soccer three times a week.) He goes to swimming school, drawing class, and KUMON after school. I hope my son learns more English and can visit OES in the near future!

Erin Colton-Enberg ’08

I recently started a new role as an Experiential Learning Specialist with WorldStrides, a company that organizes short-term educational trips for university students around the world. I have benefited so much from my own study abroad opportunities through OES, having participated in exchanges in Costa Rica and Mexico, and am excited to have the opportunity to provide students the opportunity to seek these culturally immersive experiences outside of the classroom.

Heather Moreland ’94

In June 2023, Heather Moreland was promoted to full professor of mathematics at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN. Specializing in mathematical biology, physiology, and physics, she has been working to build and expand the new Applied Computational Mathematics major at the university. Learn more at Moreland manages to return to Portland a couple of times a year to visit family and friends.

Meredith Bozentka ’14

In June 2023, Bozentka married Michele Molten in Italy, where the couple currently resides. OES classmates Grace Choi ‘14, Sophie Louaillier ’14, and Emily Ventham ’15 joined the happy couple at Tabiano Castello to celebrate their marriage. Meredith and Michele met in college at UNC and currently live in Milan with their dog, Zorro.

Kyle Walters ’13 and Rita Somogyi ’13 

Walters and Somogyi both graduated from medical school in June. The two attended Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and are now off to residency. Walters will be training in family medicine and Somogyi will be training in orthopedic surgery.

Aubrey Jones ’09

Jones’ beautiful daughter Caroline was born in October 2022. Jones said Caroline is a delightful and happy baby and she couldn’t be happier to add her to the family.

Phoebe McKinney ’79

After being mostly home in Northern California for the past several years, McKinney will be off to Liberia in West Africa in late August to run a USAID funded school feeding program, implemented by Portland’s own Mercy Corps.

Ted Thomas BDH ’70

Thomas shared he would like to track down former OES teachers, especially Gail Pede, who taught music history. Email if you are in touch with Pede.

Julie Amos Sturm

Sturm sent her best wishes to the class of 1973 in honor of their 50th reunion. She was the housemother in the girls 11th/12th grade dorm in 1972-73. Sturm has lived in Vermont for over 40 years, with Oregon her second favorite state. She has fond memories of 50 years ago.

Sydney Stanion ’15

Stanion married Peter Skutt (Catlin Gabel ’16) on May 6, 2023 at Blockhouse in Portland. The two met on the OES-Catlin Winterim trip to Guatemala in 2015 when she was a senior and he was a junior and started dating shortly afterwards. They went to Dickinson College together and moved back to Portland after graduating. Sydney is currently in the Physician Assistant program at George Fox and Peter is in the Art Therapy program at Lewis and Clark. “The wedding was a wonderful evening joining Aardvarks and Eagles families!”

Nathalie Garimella ’12

Nathalie (Perry-Freer) Garimella and her husband Sarvesh were overjoyed to welcome their second child in March 2023, a week after Garimella completed her MPH in epidemiology from the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health.