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Family Emergency Relief Fund

OES has established a Family Emergency Relief Fund to provide assistance with 2020-21 tuition for enrolled families with documented needs specific to the current COVID-19 economic crisis.

How to Apply for the OES Family Emergency Relief Fund

OES Family Emergency Relief Funds are limited, so it is important to complete the application and to fully disclose your financial situation before the committee can make a determination to allot funds. Applications are due by the 10th of each month for potential adjustments to be made to your payment the following month.

OES uses School & Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) to help determine a family’s ability to pay tuition. The service and process, used by over 2,100 schools nationwide, help ensure that schools use a consistent and objective procedure to evaluate a family’s ability to pay tuition.

1. Submit the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), using school code 5572. If you are currently a recipient of Flexible Tuition, you do not need to re-submit the PFS, but will need to upload verifying documents.

  • Upload the following documents, if applicable, to the PFS (upload is available only after the application has been submitted):
    • Letter from employer indicating furlough/layoff
    • Unemployment documents
    • Pay stub pre-pandemic, and pay stub after pandemic, demonstrating change in income
    • Federal tax returns for 2018 and 2019 (US families)
      • IRS Form 1040 including schedules
      • 1120S and K-1 if you own an S-Corp
    • Verification of income and taxes paid (international families)
      • Letters of employment
      • Annual tax statements

2. Submit the OES Family Emergency Relief Fund Application.
Please save the document as: StudentLastName, StudentFirstInitial (ex: Smith, R). You can upload this to the PFS or send it as an attachment to flexibletuition@oes.edu.


We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity in both the PFS and the OES application to tell the committee how financial changes have impacted your family. We know that the numbers only tell part of the story, so the more context you can share, the more helpful it is for the committee to understand your situation.

Divorced or separated parents must each submit a PFS and OES application with supporting documents, regardless of who has custody.

Families will be notified by email of the committee’s decision.

For questions about completing the PFS, please contact SSS directly at 800-344-8328 or sss@communitybrands.com.

Questions about the OES process can be directed to flexibletuition@oes.edu.