FACTS Student Billing

OES utilizes FACTS for our online student billing provider. FACTS allows our families to enjoy the following benefits:

• All of your invoices in one place
• One account, one balance - pay for all of your student accounts with one transaction
• Set your account to pay by automatic bank draft - no more late payments
• Pay online using e-check or credit card - no more stamps
• Enhanced security: FACTS is a separate portal from other OES accounts
• 24/7 access to your account and FACTS customer service

We strongly encourage you to read the Billing & Payment Changes below before creating your FACTS account.

Need help with FACTS? Here are some resources:

1. FACTS customer service with support in multiple languages: 866-441-4637

2. For OES specific questions: call Lisa Kave at 503-416-9380.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are my billing options?

Payment Plans A and B:

We encourage families to enroll in auto pay from a bank account or credit card. If you prefer, you may select to receive an invoice to pay by check or with an online payment. Be sure to send all checks to the address on the invoice.

Payment Plan C and Staff/Faculty Plan:

Auto pay from a bank account or credit card is required. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from your account according to the payment schedule for the plan.

Payment Plan definitions


I’m divorced, can I split my student’s bill with my ex-spouse?

You may split the tuition between parents, but one parent must be responsible for incidentals. Each parent will be able to select a payment plan for their portion of tuition. We can only bill incidentals to one household account. Parents are responsible for submitting a Split Account Request Form directly to the OES Business Office. Please email Lisa Kave for more details.

How will I be billed for monthly incidental charges?

You will receive an invoice for incidental charges from FACTS each month with instructions for payment online or by check. You may also elect to pay incidental charges by auto pay from either a bank account or credit card.

Will I receive notification that I have a payment due?

Yes. For tuition billing:

If you choose to receive an invoice (Plans A and B): you will receive notification 20 days before the payment due date.

For auto pay, you will receive notification 10 days before the payment due date.

For monthly incidental billing:

You will receive notification 10 days before the payment due date.

How can I change my tuition payment plan?

If you need to change the tuition payment plan that you selected when completing your enrollment contract, you need to complete a Change in Payment Plan form and return the completed form to the OES Business Office. There is a $50 fee to change your payment plan after April 30, 2018.


How can I update my contact information for billing (email, mailing address, phone number)?

You can update your contact information by signing in to your FACTS account and making the changes on the My Profile tab. Please note that changes made in your FACTS account will not be shared with all databases at OES. You must also make changes in the OES Parent Portal.

If I have questions about billing, who do I contact?

Contact Lisa Kave in the OES Business Office at 503-416-9380.

Questions about Payment Methods

Can I make a payment by check?

Payment of tuition for Payment Plans A and B and of incidental charges can be made by check. Make your check payable to FACTS Management Co and mail to:

FACTS Management Co
PO Box 2597
Omaha NE 68103-2597

In the memo or notes section, you must note “Oregon Episcopal School” and your Customer Number to ensure proper processing. Please note that the Customer Number is not the same as your PCR Student ID. After you create your FACTS account, your Customer Number can be found on the home tab next to your name.

(International students) Where do I send a wire transfer?

We encourage international families to use Flywire to make their payments. Flywire information may be found within the FACTS billing portal. If you are unable to use Flywire for payments, please email Lisa Kave for the wire transfer instructions.

What if I want to add additional payers to my account?

The primary user on the account can designate additional payers during the FACTS account setup process. Additional payers will not receive monthly reminder emails or the invoice. Primary users are responsible for keeping the account current.

If I have a payment processing question, who should I ask?

Call FACTS customer service at: 866-441-4637. They are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.