Affording OES

OES embraces diversity of all kinds, including socio-economic diversity. We seek students who will thrive in a challenging academic environment regardless of a family's ability to pay tuition.

Flexible Tuition

Approximately 20% of students at OES pay a reduced tuition. The charts that follow show average Flexible Tuition paid by income. The charts are representative of families with non-retirement assets below $200,000. Families with high assets should contact our office to discuss their potential qualification.

One Child at OES (Day Student)
(No other children in tuition charging school/college/daycare)

Families with only one child at OES often qualify for aid with incomes up to $150,000. Families above this income threshold may want to contact our office to determine if other circumstances in their family finances qualify them for Flexible Tuition.

Total Family Income* averaGe % tuition

Flexible tuition Range 

$0–$49,999 8% $500–$4,500
$50,000–$89,999 16% $1,400–$12,700
$90,000–$119,999 41% $1,600–$22,600
$120,000–$150,000 65% $6,000-$33,590

 *Total Family Income includes all sources of taxable and non-taxable income. 

Two or more children at OES (Day Students)
(Or another tuition charging school/college/daycare)

Families supporting two or more children at OES (or one child at OES and another in a tuition charging school/college or daycare) with incomes up to $250,000 should consider applying for Flexible Tuition. If one of your children is attending another private school and/or college, you are required to apply for financial aid at that institution.


Total family income* average % Tuition
Flexible tuition range 
(per student)
$0–$49,999 7% $975–$3,200
$50,000–$89,999 12% $1,300–$7,800
$90,000–$119,999 22% $1,400–$18,300
$120,000–$179,999 44% $6,700-$31,200
$180,000–$250,000 63% $11,500–$31,200

 *Total Family Income includes all sources of taxable and non-taxable income.

Boarding Students

Flexible Tuition is available for boarding students. Please contact Jen Bash to discuss an estimated tuition range. 
International Boarding Applicants:  OES is able to support only a limited number of international students with Flexible Tuition each year. International families should be prepared to pay for health insurance and transportation to/from campus in addition to tuition.

Flexible Tuition Questions

Jen Bash

Jen Bash

Associate Director of Enrollment Management