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Affording OES

OES believes that diversity in our community is essential to the student experience. In our commitment to inclusion, we offer a need-based program—Flexible Tuition—to assist families who would not otherwise be able to access an OES education. We encourage families to apply for admission regardless of their financial circumstance.

Flexible Tuition

Approximately 20% of students at OES pay a reduced tuition. The charts below show the average Flexible Tuition paid by income. They are representative of families with non-retirement assets below $200,000. 

One Student at OES 

Families with only one child at OES—and no other children in a tuition-charging school/college/daycare—often qualify for aid with income up to $150,000. 

Total Family Income* averaGe % tuition

Flexible tuition Range 

$0–$49,999 8% $500–$4,500
$50,000–$89,999 16% $1,400–$12,700
$90,000–$119,999 41% $1,600–$22,600
$120,000–$150,000 65% $6,000-$33,590

 *Total Family Income includes all sources of taxable and non-taxable income. 

Two or More Students at OES 

Families supporting two or more children at OES—or one child at OES and another in a tuition-charging school/college or daycare—with income up to $250,000 should consider applying for Flexible Tuition. If one of your children is attending another private school and/or college, you are required to apply for financial aid at that institution.

Total family income* average % Tuition
Flexible tuition range 
(per student)
$0–$49,999 7% $975–$3,200
$50,000–$89,999 12% $1,300–$7,800
$90,000–$119,999 22% $1,400–$18,300
$120,000–$179,999 44% $6,700-$31,200
$180,000–$250,000 63% $11,500–$31,200

 *Total Family Income includes all sources of taxable and non-taxable income.

International Boarding Applicants

OES is able to support only a limited number of international students with Flexible Tuition each year. International families should be prepared to pay for health insurance and transportation to/from campus in addition to tuition.