A Message from the Division Head

by Asha Appel

Need to Know for Friday, April 12

  • This year's Quarter Three reports, which will be available in the Parent Portal on April 18, will build on an initiative started last year, designed to give students specific feedback and a chance to reflect on their growth as learners. In addition to a current grade in each class, teachers will offer a rating for the Learning Goals of the class using a competency scale. The narrative comment that follows will explain the rating and offer suggestions for improvement. Reports will include a student reflection, in which each kid will explore their areas of pride, challenges, and strategies for continued progress. 
  • Registration for the 2019-20 school year is underway. To prepare for the academic planning of upcoming Advisor Conferences (April 26), check out the Curriculum Guide, ask your child about this week's Curriculum Fair, reference the letter you received on April 1, and collaborate with your child on their customized registration sheet. 
  • Culture Shock 2019 is coming on April 25th! Click here to see the full roster of student-designed and facilitated workshops, the schedule of the day, and the beautiful student-created logo. Although there are no classes on this day, it is a school day and attendance is required. And please remind your child to sign up for workshops; those who don't sign up will have their day scheduled for them.
  • April 26 from 9-12 is the inaugural OES AP Reading Day for students in AP classes. In the spirit of the Community Study Hall, students in AP classes—the exams for which begin the following week—will be working both collaboratively and independently as well as with teachers (when they are not in Advisor Conferences) to get ready for those cumulative assessments.
  • Lots of College Counseling events coming up: 11th graders and their parents are invited to the annual Case Studies Program on Sunday, April 28 from 6:00-8:30 PM. And 10th grade parents are invited to the 10th Grade Parent Night on Tuesday, April 16 at 7 pm. 
  • Thanks to those who attended this week's Parent University, the third and final of this year. Special thanks to parent Jean Linscott, who shared her expert lens with those in attendance. 
  • After months of preparation, history teacher Autumn Apperson is off with her merry  students delegates to the annual Model UN Conference
  • Upper School Concert: Next Wednesday, come to the Chapel at 7 pm to enjoy the sweet sounds of our upper school bands and vocal groups. 
  • Today, April 12, 46 kids and some science teachers are spending the day at PSU for the Northwest Science Expo, Oregon's state science fair.  

JELLY REC: book recommendations from US Librarian, Erika Jelinek

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

In the spirit of Game of Thrones' final season beginning on Sunday, I'd like to share a portly tome about dragons. The Priory of the Orange Tree is about failing queendoms, secret orders of wyrm-slaying warrior priestesses, dragon riders, betrayal, and revenge. It's a lush, multiple perspective epic fantasy that reads the way I believe epic fantasy should. It's a story-telling tapestry that pulls threads from different, conflicting corners of a magical world that somehow, through elaborate plotting, all come together in the end. It's not a perfect book—Shannon's prose veers a little into the purple territory from time to time—but it is a gripping work of feminist high fantasy refreshingly peopled by LGBTQ characters, people of color, and, yes, dragons with speaking roles. 

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