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News from Asha Appel, Head of Upper School

This week, the Upper School celebrated Fat Tuesday with riotous games and activities, including a crepe flipping contest and feathered mask-making. This bacchanalian smorgasboard of sweets and colorful beads offered our community a point of contrast for Ash Wednesday, in which we reflected on trying new practices and strategies for increased compassion and understanding. It was in that spirit with which we made our own metaphorical stone soup on February 14. Instead of aggregating vegetables from individual gardens to make a soup that feeds the whole, we asked every member of our Upper School community to put $1.00 into a large soup pot for a donation to Neighborhood House; $1.00 buys 4 pounds of food at the Oregon Food Bank, so we will make a large pot of soup, indeed. And it was in that spirit in which VJ Sathyaraj—in his powerful Chapel remarks—challenged us to find ways to build each other up, as doing so is the only way through our own suffering and hurt. I do hope the long, no-homework weekend allows you and your children some restorative family and friends time in which you build each other up.

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