Student Life

The Upper School is a deeply relational community that strives to be a place of belonging for everyone in it. Our Episcopal tradition calls for inclusivity, upholding the dignity of all, and an openness to learning from differences. Our community reflects these values through integrated co-curricular programming that revolves around a rhythm of gathering and reflection, with Chapel, Advisory, and Gathering, the time when we all come together to share announcements, music, accomplishments, and opportunities for connection and experience.

Grade Level Programming

Each grade level is shepherded by a dean, who knows and supports each student in the class and oversees programming specific to that group, such as the Fall Trips, which are designed to meet the developmental needs of students in that grade.

Retreat of Fun

The boarding community hosts an annual Retreat of Fun, inviting day students who have participated in the Backyard Exchange Program to join in this weekend of music, food, water, and fun!


Upper School students have opportunities to explore, create, and connect with other students through the unique Activity program, which enriches the OES education through low-stakes participation in 10-week trimester sessions. During scheduled Activity time, students choose from traditional pursuits like Student Government, Yearbook, and Model UN; interest-based mini-courses, like Rocketry, KPop Dance, and Ukulele; and service learning, like working with Lower School students or gardening.

Leadership Opportunities

Upper School students learn to be active citizens of the world by taking on roles in which they take initiative, hold themselves and each accountable, and collaborate to design solutions for complex problems. See Student Leadership for examples of some of these opportunities.


Each student belongs to an Advisory, a group of 6-8 students in the same grade level Students also are supported by their Advisors, who lead a group for all four years of high school. Advisors are the liaison between a student’s school and home life, and guide their advisees through the Upper School experience.

US Equity and Inclusion

Upper School students learn to challenge themselves and each other through developing the skills of active listening, respectful dialoguing, and self-awareness. The US has many Affinity and Allyship groups that meet regularly as well as intentional programming designed to engage all students in becoming global citizens, including the student-created Culture Shock event.


Written and adopted by the Student Council in 2018, the Honor Code is the basis for every school rule and guides our efforts to use our power for good both at school and beyond:

"As a member of the Oregon Episcopal School community, I commit to honesty, safety, accountability, and respect for others in my academic, extracurricular, and social pursuits."

OES expects that students and adults take seriously their commitment to the values of honesty, safety, and respect, and work to be self-disciplined, as well as accountable when in violation of the community norms. Should students stumble in their efforts to meet these ideals, the Upper School rules and disciplinary procedures are intended to, whenever possible, restore an individual to good standing in the community while maintaining the integrity of our values. OES reserves the right to make changes and modifications to these guidelines as necessary.