Counseling & Academic Support


We hold a strong belief and confidence in the potential and promise of each student. Because this stage of adolescence can be challenging, unpredictable, and yes, wonderful, we strive to assist and support all who are involved in the formation of educated, healthy, and happy young adults. To do this effectively, we work with a variety of constituencies to ensure that students receive the type of support and guidance they need.

  • We interact with individual students on their personal, social, and emotional issues.
  • We work collaboratively with families, faculty, deans, and administration.
  • We assist in initiating and facilitating staffings and formulating action plans.
  • We explore current research and literature on issues and share findings with parent discussion groups and through staff development activities.
  • We identify and build relationships with outside community resources.

Academic Support

Academic support promotes self-knowledge and skills for students to meet their goals. Respect for the diversity, dignity, and unique attributes of each learner informs our program which emphasizes individual inquiry, exploration, curiosity, connection, and commitment to personal discovery and growth.

Throughout the course of Upper School all students are encouraged to understand their learning strengths and needs, and to actively engage support. Oregon Episcopal School teachers are committed to student success and make time each day to meet with students outside of class.

The Academic Specialist offers additional resources to all students and families as they seek to meet the challenges of becoming lifelong learners, including:

Learning Center
  • A quiet space for study, consultation, and tutoring open to all students.
  • Individual academic skills sessions as requested.
  • With teachers, Advisors, Counselor, Nurse, parents, and students to identify needs and support ongoing academic success.
Individualized Academic Planning
  • May include accommodations, interventions, and special consideration for medical needs.
  • Resources and referrals for psychoeducational evaluations and private tutors when additional support is needed.
Aardvark 101
  • Extended orientation and academic skills program for all 9th grade students and new 10th graders.
Amanda Weber-Welch

Amanda Weber-Welch

Titles: Upper School Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: 503-416-9356