Class Meetings & Trips

From the ninth grade opening trip to the Oregon Coast, the three-night/four day Sophomore Backpacking Trip along the Pacific Crest trail, to the Senior Rafting Trip down the lower Deschutes River, class trips take students out into nature where they have time to reflect, explore, and build community. Some students find themselves in their element in the outdoors, while others face them as new challenges; in either case they discover more about themselves, their peers, and their teachers outside of the familiar classroom environment.

Students continue to meet as a class several times a year led by a class advisor, who stays with them through their four years in the Upper School. The class advisor leads the class through four years of thinking about who students want to be in the class and in their school, who they want to be as a class, and how they want to begin to take on leadership roles in the school.

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