The Upper School years represent the challenging homestretch of the OES experience. Upper School is a time for students to tap new passions, discover new interests, think critically, and apply themselves to everything from advanced science projects to independent art shows.

Students in the lower grades look up to the Upper School Students who, in turn, are inspired by their work with their younger counterparts. As they grow, Upper School students begin to look forward to college and what lies beyond with poise and confidence. Students encounter a variety of academic disciplines and choose from a wide range of activities but no matter the paths they take, the OES Upper School experience is one of personalization, where students to demonstrate their own path to development of their Essential Competencies.

Whatever the subject or class, the curriculum helps students experience key points of convergence:


Students learn to see themselves as writers and to see writing as a way of thinking through their ideas and communicating well with others.


Students look for and investigate topics that compel them which they then share with their classmates and the larger community.


Students connect the work they do in class with things happening in the world, where they learn to collaborate and reach out to people in the wider community.


Students consider what it means to take responsibility for themselves, take ownership of their work, and take the initiative to help build community locally and globally.

Conversations beyond the academic curriculum

Students take on difficult topics facilitated in a variety of co-curricular programs.