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2020 US Fine Arts Celebration

Class of 2020 Fine Arts Showcase

We wanted a way to honor all of our amazing performers, musicians, creators, and artists from the Class of 2020, so we put together the below collection of art, music, and more, all crafted by our graduating seniors. Thank you for sharing your artwork, seniors, and thank you for your contributions to OES Visual, Performing, and Musical Arts throughout the years!

Aida K.

Aim P.

Alexa T.

Andrew G.

Anna L.

Audrey G. 

Ava C.

Becca B.

Brooke S.

Daisy & Jane C.

Daniel E.

Dustin P.

Emma W.

Gracie G.

Harper H.

Hayden N.

Hayden N.

Henry B.

Ian B.

Ian R.

Jackson S.

James T.

Jane C.

Jason L.

Jillian S.

Matthew L.

Maxine M.-L.

Megan W.

Luca P.-N.

Matt H.

Milo K.

Noah W.

Paige M.

Ryan M.

Skycat W.

Stephanie K.

Sydney R.

Sydney S.

Tadhg F.-W.

Vasti C.

Viraj S.

Zoe H.

Zoe H.

Zoe S.