Upper School Home

When students join the OES Upper School, they discover a culture that values intellectual growth, independent thought, creative problem solving, and sustained curiosity. They find a wide variety of classes and activities and are supported in their efforts to improve, challenge themselves, and take initiative. And they become part of a community filled with resources, including supportive adults who care deeply about the students with whom they work.

The OES Upper School intentionally builds and nurtures a caring community of learners, one in which students get to know each other and their teachers well. The supportive adults in the community seek to make sure that each student feels known, valued, and encouraged in their efforts to learn and take on new challenges.

The Upper School community values and relies on diverse experience and perspectives, and students learn to reach beyond that which is familiar. They learn to recognize the many ways that they each contribute and succeed in their classes, sports, co-curricular interests, volunteer involvement, artistic pursuits, outdoor adventures, and civic engagement. And they learn to use their power for good by making a difference in the world outside of themselves.

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