Upper School Home

When students join the OES Upper School, they quickly discover a culture that expects them to take charge of their education, to manage their time, to make choices among a wide variety of classes and activities, to take the initiative in reaching out to teachers. At the same time, they find a school filled with resources and adults who care deeply about learning and who are eager to offer support when asked.

Students join a community of learners, one that the faculty tends and builds intentionally, so that students get to know each other well and learn to see the adults in the community as people who want to support them, get to know them, and value them as individuals. Upper school culture values diversity and encourages students to be themselves, to reach beyond the familiar, get to know people who have a broad range of perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. Students cheer each other on when they share their accomplishments, whether it be in sports, academics, the arts or volunteer pursuits.

OES builds community intentionally from day one, when students begin to get to know each other well on class trips. During the school year they deepen their interactions and hear from each other in weekly community times: gathering, chapel, advisory, activities, athletic team practices, and through ongoing work with Experiential Education and Service Learning programs. Both programs enter into the academic curriculum in ways that help students appreciate the value and relevance of their learning and provides paths for reflection as they consider how people respond to the challenges they face.

Girls' Basketball Makes OES History

The OES girls' basketball team reached the final eight of the state tournament for the first time in school history. Learn more about the Aardvarks' historic season.

Upper School Students Connect at Diversity Retreat

Last week, a group of eight Upper School students participated in the NWAIS (Northwest Association of Independent Schools) Student Diversity Leadership Retreat. The retreat offers students an opportunity to connect and build both relationships and skills around communication and inclusiveness.

Midwinter Madness Continues Fruitful Fundraising

Midwinter Madness is usually a two-week Upper School student-run fundraiser that takes place in February, but due to weather-related delays and postponements, this year's MWM will continue through early March.