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These articles focus on OES students and faculty doing amazing work in their areas of expertise. We are proud of their accomplishments to use their power for good as engaged citizens of the world. The articles will come out twice a month and be shared in the Aardvark newsletter, on our website, and occasionally in OES Magazine.

OES Spotlight: Harper B. ’28

Eighth grader Harper B. ’28 is involved in a number of activities at OES. She is on the Middle School Leadership Team, sings with the eighth grade choir, and plays basketball. She also plays tennis at Oregon Elite Tennis and the Racquet Club Portland.

But she also makes time after school to volunteer for Vote Forward. Through this grassroots organization, Harper writes and sends letters to people asking them to be sure to vote in the upcoming election. “These are people who are registered but have never voted,” Harper said. “I want to persuade them to vote because I feel very passionate about some of the issues that are coming up in the election. And I would like to be part of creating a more equitable future for future generations.”

To also help with the election, Harper has created her own jewelry business, making bracelets. She has created a business plan and intends to donate 50% of the profits from her business to her favored candidates. “The bracelets are the colors of female equality, in all shades of purple and blue,” Harper said. A future goal of hers is to become a full-fledged entrepreneur.

When asked if she has a favorite memory from her time at OES, Harper says that she recalls meeting her best friend Hailey in the sixth grade. The two have experienced ups and downs with other friends, and with each other, “But I feel like by getting through our conflicts, we were able to really blossom our friendship and become better friends,” Harper said.

Harper is looking forward to starting Upper School in the fall. “I like that we can take more electives in Upper School. I would really like to take a 3D design class, and maybe continue choir,” Harper said.

What would she tell someone who was thinking about applying to OES? “I really think there’s a great community here. I like the small class sizes and how we’re able to do a lot of creative thinking. I also think the teachers are really nice, and I’ve been able to schedule meetings with them if I need help. I think overall it's a great school and a great education,” Harper said.

One suggestion she has is for OES to add a financial literacy or taxes class in the Upper School. “That way we can take more time to develop those skills, because I feel like you graduate from college and then suddenly you have to manage taxes and getting good credit. I feel like we need a class that could cover that and give us a head start.”

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