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Note from Ann Sulzer, Head of School

This past weekend the OES Middle School hosted the NWAIS Student Diversity Leadership Retreat for a two day overnight. We welcomed 175 students from 20 different schools from as far away as Salt Lake City. Middle Schoolers learned from Dr. Bryan Hotchkins from the Institute for Inclusive Excellence at Texas Tech about how to be a leader: “You can be wrong. Your goals will not always be achieved. Humility, humility, humility.” They had an opportunity to participate in affinity groups, building connections with peers who share their identities, and they heard from Lulu Carpenter from Seattle Girls School who affirmed, “I want all of my identities to have a seat at the table.” This struck me as one of the most important messages of the retreat, as it is what we want for all of our students and families at OES. We want people to feel that their voices are heard, and they are known and appreciated for every aspect of who they are. Our OES students who attended the retreat reported that the most valuable part of the retreat was “meeting people who share my experiences.” We know that this shared experience and understanding builds empathy, compassion, and community. We are constantly striving to make this a reality in our community, and we always have more work to do.

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