OES Middle School Messenger Newsletter

A Message from the Division Head

by Ann Sulzer

It is hard to believe that we have reached June and the last day of school. There were so many ways that our students had opportunities to share their learning, offer appreciations, and have chances to say good-byes, particularly our 8th graders, some of whom will land at different schools in the fall. As a faculty we will spend time next week doing the same: offering gratitude for each other as colleagues and also saying good-bye to some of our esteemed peers. Cindy McEnroe, Toni Holmberg, Becky Tooley, and Mark Ma will all be heading out on different adventures beyond OES, and we will wish them well in many ways.

There has been so much joy and unbridled energy in our building this week, and I feel so lucky, as I always do, to live by the rhythm of a school year. This is the only rhythm I’ve known in my entire life, as a student myself and then starting as a teacher right out of college. There is something so powerful about working toward something with such purpose, doing important problem-solving and learning, and then having weeks at a time to digest all that learning, reflect, and relax. So the last day of school for me and for many students, is more like December 31st and we are heading into a new year. Just as with that New Year's Day in January, September offers a chance for new beginnings and fresh starts. How many chances do we get to do that in life?

It has been such an honor to work with all of the Middle School students and parents this year. You have taught me so much and shared so much of your lives with me, and for that I have deep gratitude. Have a wonderful summer filled with rejuvenation and relaxation, and I look forward to seeing you in September or hearing about your journeys beyond OES.