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Our community is even stronger with the support of our volunteers! The All School Parent Partnership Team invites you to explore the many, varied opportunities to volunteer at OES through the Volunteer Interest Form for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please don't hesitate to contact Michelle Tubbs (michelle.tubbs@icloud.com) or any other Parent Partnership Leader with any questions about how to offer your time and talent to serve our wonderful school community.

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A Message from the Division Head

by Ann Sulzer

Thank you so much for all of you who were able to “show up” to our morning Parent Partnership meeting on Wednesday morning. It sounds strange to say that it was great to see all of your faces online, but it really was. Community is powerful in every form, and wow, was it exciting to see someone other than my own family. 

Here is the Zoom presentation that I shared with parents, including results and themes from the parent and student surveys, and what our changes have been to our structure and program as a result of the feedback we got. If you would prefer not to hear me talk my way through the presentation, you can also flip through the slideshow, though you won’t hear the parent questions and answers here. Some changes we have already made are more advisory time—up to three days a week, Chapel is coming back thanks to the eighth graders and Chaplain Mel, our connections to our Service Learning agencies are rekindling, and we are doing all we can to support students and families through the emotional challenges that these times offer. We are also starting up study hall again, and teachers are going to offer resource banks for extensions in learning for students who want to explore ideas beyond what is offered in class. 

I also reminded parents that what is really at the heart of our learning right now are some of the most intangible but powerful lessons:  how to be empathetic and resilient, how to problem solve and be independent, and how to be present in a moment that is really uncomfortable and difficult. Algebra is important, and so is learning to play an instrument and write a strong essay, but I would argue that if our kids walk away with all those other skills as well, we have given them the best education we can offer them. 

We will send out another round of parent and student surveys next week when we have some more of our routines in place. Thank you for all of your feedback and thoughtful input—I really appreciate it. Take care of yourselves and your families, and please be well.