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A Message from the Division Head

by Ann Sulzer

Thanks so much to all of you who were able to make it to our first Parent Partnership Meeting of the year on Tuesday morning or evening. Here is the slide deck from the presentation I offered, and I will share out the recording with all of you next week. 

Although I already feel like we have been in school for a month, it turns out we are just wrapping up our first full week in Middle School. Tech glitches are getting ironed out, schedules are becoming more clear, and in general, we are all settling into the rhythms of school. 

I wanted to share this anecdote with you from Laura Todis’ seventh grade Health and Wellness class because it captures what many of us are feeling so well. Laura asked the students to reflect on warrior pose where they were thinking about what they’re looking forward to, what supports them, and how the metaphorical ground feels beneath them. One student answered in this haiku: “The ground is shaking. I am steady though, I guess. Facing challenges.” In Laura’s words, “I think the “I guess” is a telling seventh grade translation of how many are faring right now as we find our footing in the new school year.” All so true. 

As you consider all that is shaking beneath our feet, my hope is that your Middle Schooler and your family are finding firm footing and some good support to keep you upright and looking ahead. 

We look forward to seeing all of you next Wednesday evening, September 23 from 6:308:30 p.m. at Middle School Back to School Night. I will send home instructions on how to navigate the evening next week so that you can hear from all of your children’s teachers about what learning lies ahead. 

To those of you who celebrate Rosh Hashanah this weekend, I want to wish you a year that is sweet, happy and healthy.