OES Middle School Messenger Newsletter
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A Message from the Division Head

by Ann Sulzer

It has been so wonderful to see our Middle School families online for conferences this week, and even better to see our Middle Schoolers step into a position of leadership to share their reflections on their learning and hear feedback directly from their teachers. While every student has room to grow, I find that the overwhelming theme of most of our conferences is about sharing appreciation for our students’ strengths and growth, especially in this challenging year. For most of our sixth graders and new-to-OES students, this is the first time they have been included in a parent/teacher conference. While there are usually some initial nerves around this new role, most of our students walk away feeling empowered and proud of what their teachers share about their learning. 

We are so excited to invite students back to campus next week with our half-days for each grade and then a first full day of school for our sixth graders next Friday. We are putting together last-minute details around tents, classrooms, and materials, but what is most important is finally getting a chance to be together in person for our learning. I am so looking forward to the weeks ahead. There will be communication coming home with details about school supplies, drop-off and pick-up, lunch, and general safety precautions, so please be sure to read through all the information before bringing your children to campus. Can’t wait to see you there!