Counseling & Academic Support

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What do we do?

The Counselor and MS Academic Support Specialist have unique roles in supporting the social emotional growth and academic success of all MS students. The program is an integral part of the culture of the Middle School and is designed to meet the special developmental needs of early adolescents.

The Counselor and Academic Support Specialist provide information, consultation, and support to colleagues and families regarding adolescent development, neurodevelopmental profiles, available resources, and appropriate referrals. Weekly grade level Student Support Meetings allow ongoing opportunities for teachers, counselor, and academic support coordinator to collaborate and to monitor students’ well being and progress.

Direct Student Services

Individual work and classroom instruction in SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and Mindfulness Practice:

  • Increases students’ self-awareness, emotional self- regulation, and empathy
  • Improves focused attention
  • Cultivates positive emotional states
  • Builds resilience
  • Provides foundation for collaborative work
  • Facilitates problem solving to resolve conflicts and restore relationships

Counseling is available to individual students and small groups. Topics often include emotional/physical/ social changes accompanying puberty, friendships/social dynamics, mindfulness coaching, anxiousness, family change/loss/ illness, and health and wellness concerns… including crisis intervention.

Academic coaching supports the development of effective attentional control, study and test taking strategies, time management, and organization of tasks and materials. Students may be assisted in developing and implementing personal learning plans. The Academic Coordinator supports and monitors individual learning plans for classroom implementation, including accommodations for standardized testing.

The Counselor and Academic Support specialist take an active role in creating positive MS culture, through diversity initiatives, development of leadership opportunities, and by creating the time and space for mindfulness practice.

Steve Brennan

Steve Brennan

Middle School Academic Coordinator, Head Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach
Kathleen Hicks

Kathleen Hicks

Middle School Counselor