8th Grade Inquiry Project

Starting in the 2017-18 school year, Project X is an exciting inquiry program rooted in the 8th grade that emphasizes growth mindset, process over product, and authentic student driven learning. Each student in 8th grade will engage in a year-long inquiry exploration of any topic they choose across disciplines. Students are gathered into cohorts according to common interests, although they pursue individual passions, and coached by a MS faculty member throughout the year.

There are four phases of the year-long project:

    • Explore Inspiration
    • Connect Ideas
    • Create Meaning
    • Commit Beyond Yourself

As a student, you will:

    • Choose and dive deep into ANY discipline - art, science, literature, history, economics, math, language, THE LIST GOES ON!
    • Discover what you’re passionate about! Ask your own questions and go through your own process
    • Collaborate with a cohort of students that share your interests
    • Work with a cohort-coach to set goals and map a plan to reach these goals
    • Apply for leadership roles during the project
    • Decide how you want to share your work with the community
    • Have real agency and independence in your learning

By the end of the school year, students take action by developing a service learning project linked to their research and produce an artifact of their learning that they believe best represents their understanding.

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