Whether students are collecting water samples in the wetlands or practicing for an instrumental performance, inquiry is at the heart of the Middle School experience. Placing students at the center of their learning encourages them to seek out their own opportunities for intellectual growth and become lifelong learners.

The Middle School program includes courses in humanities, language arts, English, history, world languages, mathematics, science, art, music, drama, religion, technology, health, and physical education. It provides the opportunity for each student to become directly involved in the daily life of the School and the community at large.

Curriculum is developed by individual classroom teachers in collaboration with each other, their teams, and with the Head of Middle School. In addition to the needs of this particular age group, the curricula of both the Lower and Upper Schools are considered in developing any new programs. Committees from all three Schools exist to see that clear articulation among the Schools takes place.

Sixth Grade

The academic curriculum includes humanities, a second language, computers, library, mathematics, and science.

Seventh Grade

The academic curriculum includes English, history, mathematics, a second language, computers, science, and religion.

Eighth Grade

The academic curriculum includes English, history, mathematics, science, religion, a second language, and contemporary issues.