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Today all students at OES participated in the second annual Humble Lunch. Students in both cafeterias were offered a simple meal with fewer food choices in order to reflect on the ways food can bring us all together, the beautiful food choices we have available to us each day, and the fact that not everyone in our community has full access to food or to healthy food.

Sign ups for classroom parent teacher conferences have now closed. Sign ups for specialist conferences will remain open for a few more days.

Thanks for assisting us with a smooth and rapid afternoon pick-up for our Kindergarten children by following these guidelines:

The Upper school Aardvark Science Fair is looking for parents / grandparents to judge their projects. If you don’t have any kids attending the OES Upper School you are eligible to judge upper school science projects. It is a requirement that you have a science/engineering  education or work related experience.

We need volunteers to Supervise visitors during the Open House at the annual Aardvark Science Expo. Main responsibilities will be greeting visitors, helping folks locate bathrooms or drinking fountains, and reminding folks to behave and not touch the exhibits or toss tennis balls. It is also a nice opportunity to peruse the exhibits.

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