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Express Newsletter

OES Lower School Express Newsletter

A Message from the Division Head

by David Lowell

Next week there are no Lower School classes as we all take a break for Thanksgiving. Lower School resumes on Monday, November 30. While the rising incidents of COVID-19 have made many of us modify plans for the break, I hope you and your family find new ways to give thanks during the Thanksgiving break. Before we all head out into the break I want to share some of my gratitude with you.

  • Thank you to all the teachers for creating such thoughtful and inspiring online learning and in person learning programs for all our students this fall
  • Thank you to our students' parents for all the support you have given your children during these days of learning at home
  • Thank you to all our students for all your efforts learning at school each day, whether at home, in a learning pod, or in ECCEW
  • Thank you to Chaplain Phillip, Mrs. Rheingans, our 5th grade helpers and guest musicians for Chapel each week 
  • Thank you to Aardy, all our guest hosts and Josephine and Peter for Gathering each week 

I hope you have restful and thanks filled Thanksgiving Break.

ECCEW Updates

  • We are sending ECCEW students home with their school supplies and iPad today so that they will have their learning tools with them in case they are unable to return to campus after the break.
  • Please sanitize your child’s iPads before your child brings it back to school
  • If you and your child have traveled out of state over the holiday break we ask that you follow State of Oregon guidelines and self quarantine for two weeks before returning to ECCEW.
  • With COVID on the rise we need to be extra vigilant around keeping each other healthy. Be sure to complete your child's Daily Health Screen each morning by 7:30 am, the time at which we run our daily student report.

Thanksgiving Break

There are no classes nor ECCEW from November 23 - 27. Both resume on Monday, November 30.

Gift Giving - As the season of giving approaches I want to remind you of the OES Gifts for Faculty Policy from the OES Handbook.

COVID-19 Safety Reminders

With Thanksgiving Break one week away I want to remind you of our guidance around socializing and travel during COVID-19, especially as infections are rapidly rising in our region and across the country.

Socializing During the Pandemic

We know this is a difficult time for everyone, and we are longing for things to be as normal as possible. Sadly, we are not there yet. As stated in our Community Agreement, it is vitally important that we all consider the potential impact on the health of our community as we make decisions about our activities outside of school.