Religion & Philosophy

OES Religion and Philosophy courses ask students to examine the religious traditions of the world with critical and emotional intelligence. Students are expected to gain a sophisticated understanding of the vocabulary of the world’s religious traditions and to apply that learning to the complexities of the world in which we live. The courses are rigorous and comprehensive and require advanced reading and writing capabilities.

Essential Questions:
  • How do we approach a variety of religious experiences, beliefs and practice?
  • How are sacred narratives interpreted and used, and how do they create meaning for people?
  • How does religious belief and experience shape individual identity, create meaning, and expand human awareness?
  • How does religious faith influence individual and social behavior?
  • How does religion interact with culture and politics?
  • How do different communities create and use philosophical and ethical systems?
Essential Skills:
  • Scholarly approaches to ritual, texts, and specialized vocabulary.
  • Research, oral presentation, discussion, interpretation, scholarly collaboration.